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Elaine Wen, Metro Editor

Pronouns: she/her

What is the meaning of life?

I've ruminated on this question a significant amount. I find it intriguing why homo sapiens have to constantly have an answer to everything. They seem to be so blindsided as they are always trying to make sense of everything so that it computes for their own brains. However, you would be happy to hear that after my many years of research, I have determined precisely what the meaning of life is. And I will relate that to you shortly after this commercial break.

What type of cheese do you identify most with?

Camembert: tough on the outside, gooey on the inside ;)

What is your favorite food?

Wholeheartedly, and indubitably corn. Before all you naysayers turn an ignorant eye on my most treasured cuisine, allow me to enlighten you on the scrumptious delicacy that is this yellow vegetable. From cornbread, to sticky corn, to corn porridge, to seasoned grilled corn, and my fellow Chinese may jump for joy at the sound of corn milk, the diversity and variety that can come from the simple concept of corn is enough to marvel at. Speaking of concepts, what even is corn? What even is food? What even are these trivial and superficial items we hold dear to us? What does it say about us as people that we instill such emotional and theoretical value into inanimate objects? Well, I have an answer for you and it's quite simple. It's corn.

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