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CRLS’ #1 Hit of the Summer

CRLS’ #1 Hit of the Summer

October 7, 2020

Once you hear it, it never leaves your head. It becomes the trademark of the summer, the anthem that enters every aspect of the season, from parties to sports games and beyond. However, how does one crown a winner in a world where all these social events are canceled or minimized to just the “absolutely necessary”? The CRLS official 2020 song of the summer has yet to earn its status, and throughout this strange and powerful summer of emotional and political upheaval, there simply has not been a tune at the level of ubiquity (Despacito and Old Town Road levels) we are used to. Despite these limitations, Harry Styles, The Weeknd, and Cardi B have laid their hands on an informal title; here are CRLS’ top three songs of the summer, elected by the students

CRLS’s many a cappella groups gathered the day before break to serenade classmates in annual tradition.

A Capella Singers Add Sweet Note to Valentine’s Day

March 5, 2020

This year’s February 14th was not only the annual romantic holiday of Valentine’s Day, but also the last day before CPSD’s February vacation, ...

Pictured: The CRLS World Jazz Ensemble.

CRLS Jazz Visits Panama

March 5, 2020

In the basement of the CRLS Arts building, hidden and often passed by without a second glance, lies a large black door. The look of it is menacing at f...

CRLS Percussion Ensemble was one of the many groups who performed on January 8th.

Winter Jazz Concert Wows

February 20, 2020

On Wednesday, January 8th, the Percussion Ensemble, the Big Band, the Vocal Jazz Ensemble and the World Jazz Ensemble came together to perform on Winter J...

Pictured: CRLS theater students with alum Keith Mascoll (center) in the black box theater.

CRLS Actors Perform August Wilson Monologues

February 9, 2020

On Monday, January 6th, the August Wilson Monologue Competition was held in the black box theater at CRLS. Organized by the Huntington Theatre Company,...

The Winter A Capella Jam occurred on Saturday, December 8th.

Winter A Cappella Jam Captivates Audience

January 2, 2020

At 7:00 PM on Saturday, December 7th, a stream of students and families entered the CRLS auditorium to see the bi-annual A Cappella Jam. The show kicked...

For this year’s fall   musical, the CRLS   Visual and Performing   Arts Department   performed Sister Act.

“Sister Act” Stuns with Rockin’ Nuns

December 8, 2019

This November, the CRLS visual and performing arts department put on five performances of their anticipated fall musical: Sister Act. The adaptation of the musical comedy, directed by CRLS teacher Monica Murray, showcased all different aspects of CRLS’s creativity and talent and had audience members laughing throughout the show. 

Students in

Sister Act’s Successful Start

November 7, 2019

Along with the beginning of school, fall brings the annual CRLS musical. It’s

CRLS musicians spent the night of the Spring Concert sharing their various musical talents with the rest of the school community.

CRLS Spring Concert Branches Out, Brings Musicians Together

June 17, 2019

On Friday, May 17th, the CRLS music department coalesced to create a final production of the year—the Spring Concert. The show started with the Drumline/Percussion Ensemble, directed by Mr. Guillermo Nojechowicz, followed by Dr. Ivan Stefanov’s vocal ensemble.

CRLS students performed

“Heathers: The Musical” Showcases Student Creativity and Individuality

June 15, 2019

This spring, CRLS students put on their very own production of Heathers: The Musical. Unlike past fall musicals, that have been produced by the CRLS drama department, Heathers: The Musical was independently produced by seniors Eva Beram, Micaela Leon Perdomo, and Harvard ART member Kathryn Rosenberg.

This semester’s DANCE/works show incorporated a variety of dance styles.

Spring DANCE/works Show

June 5, 2019

Every semester, the CRLS Modern Dance Company (MDC) puts on an entertaining and lively show to display their talent and creativity to the school, and this semester was no different.

Hanna Carney, a senior at CRLS, has been involved in the arts from a young age.

Artist of the Month: Hanna Carney

June 4, 2019

At CRLS, it is well known that senior Hanna Carney is a powerhouse. Carney has been involved in the arts since a young age, devoting herself to a wide variety of musical and artistic activities.

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