The Superior System: Metric

Elaine Wen, Contributing Writer

A sense of American superiority has resulted in the development of many catastrophes. From world wars, to economic crashes, and insurrections; one calamity triumphs over all of the rest: the Imperial System. The disproportional and illogical measurements are not only a hassle, but possibly the root of many issues in the United States. For all these reasons, I proudly support the Metric System as the better method of measurement. 

First, let’s observe the absolute unwarranted circumstances that brought us here. The Imperial horror of a system is another ripple effect that came with the colonization of North America by the British Crown. In fact, the yard was the distance between King Henry’s nose and the thumb of his outstretched hand. Considering this was created on the basis of a monarchy, a textbook illustration of being born unequal, America’s continuation of using this makes it no wonder why our society is still so inequitable. Since even the mother nation of this system has adapted to the Metric System, the United States’ inability to grow as a country makes it stand out like a sore thumb (hopefully not King Henry’s).

With its beautiful simplicity of powers of ten, the Metric System allows for a flawlessly satisfying conversion.

The Imperial System is clearly distasteful, but allow me to also enlighten you on the excellence of the Metric System. First and foremost, it is way more simple than its counterpart. With its beautiful simplicity of powers of ten, the Metric System allows for a flawlessly satisfying conversion. A skill that is not just mathematical, but also appears in other sciences such as physics and chemistry. When in doubt, you can even look at the measurement’s prefix. A simple “centi-”, “milli-” or “deci-” can be a life-saver while also teaching you a multitude of romance languages, including Latin. This will enrich your vocabulary and simultaneously ameliorate your computational skills. Whereas for inches, feet, and miles, there is no consistency. The mishmash of conversion factors is not only confusing, but preoccupies students instead of letting them advance their learning. Perhaps this is the cause of the lack of education in the US and the “dumb Americans” stereotype.

America’s stubborn attempts in using this system to appear as “not like the other girls,” not only sullies the international perception of the country, but also creates a wall between Americans and people of other nations. Particularly immigrants, who need to learn a whole new system to do the simplest things such as driving, weighing, or even checking the weather. With such harsh immigration laws, is it truly necessary for the United States to create yet another barrier for immigrants? This continues the aforementioned pretense of “American supremacy,” a blinded presumption that prevents the US from making progress as the rest of the globe evolves around them, making it nothing more than a dome of imperial idiocracy.

The Imperial System not only would (and dare I say should) get cancelled on Twitter, but also just doesn’t make sense. Instead of adamantly holding on to an irrational system, we should instead convert to the marvellous Metric System. Not because we feel the need to acclimate, but because it will permit us to spend more time and energy into improving further as a country. How could a system that impedes immigration, ease in STEM, the learning of new languages, and an equitable society ever be a better choice than one that is literally a 10/10?