Athlete of the Month: Sofia Klumb


Anoke Deitg Blanchard

Sofia Klumb has been a key player on the CRLS volleyball team.

Elaine Wen, Metro Editor

After finishing her final season as the co-captain of the girls Volleyball team, the Register Forum sat down with Sofia Klumb, November 2022’s Athlete of the Month, to discuss volleyball and beyond.

Register Forum (RF): What’s your favorite volleyball memory?

Sofia Klumb (SK): My favorite memory has probably been laughing with my teammates and with my whole team about funny moments during the game when we mess up or do something really awkward.

RF: When did you realize that you loved volleyball?

SK: I realized I loved the sport when, freshman year, I would come out of practice feeling nothing but joy and strength, even though I was physically exhausted.

RF: What’s the best lesson you’ve learnedvolleyball or beyond?

SK: I’m so, so grateful for the leadership skills I’ve been able to develop because of this team. The best lesson I’ve learned is probably that it’s almost always worth trying to understand someone.

RF: How do you manage to balance mental health, school, and sports?

SK: Balancing mental health, sports, and school can get very tough, not gonna lie. The way that I’ve learned to manage everything has been realizing that if I need something, a day off, a good cry, even more exercise, a talk, etc., it’s okay to have that. Also, understanding that these things aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s possible to have good mental health and work extra hard at volleyball or school. Sometimes, working extra hard is what brings good mental health!

“I would come out of practice feeling nothing but joy and strength, even though I was physically exhausted.”

RF: A lot of people look up to you as a player and as captain, what’s your best piece of advice to everyone?

SK: Take it easy! Everything will turn out alright. Also, don’t worry too much about other people, they’re figuring everything out too, so it’s not worth tripping over them. Another one that I’ve just recently learned myself, is to not waste energy on negative reactions. If you can save yourself the angst, it will feel easier to fix whatever needs to be fixed and especially communicate if something needs to be said.

Sofia Klumb has made a dent in the volleyball and CRLS community. Though the girls volleyball season may have ended, the spirit brought from the team’s strong bond is far from over, and Sofia exemplifies that joy and determination both on the court and off.

This article also appears in our November 2022 print edition.