Modern Dance Company Puts on a Stellar Show

Emilia Ferreira, Contributing Writer

CRLS’ Modern Dance Company (MDC) put on its DANCE/works show on January 12th and 13th in the Fitzgerald theater. The bi-annual event was the culmination of a semester of hard work from the dancers, who came together to perform fourteen unique performances—each with its own concept that was brought to life through the efforts of choreographers, dancers, and tech crew.

The performances included dances ranging from the expected modern dance, to ballet inspired, to hip hop, to African dance accompanied by percussionists Sory Diabate and Akili Haynes. CRLS students made up most of the choreography for the show, but welcomed guest choreographers as well. The musical choices were just as varied, with a dance to “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna opening the show, an instant audience-favorite. The dances additionally ranged from duets to a 24 person ensemble dance finale, creating incredibly lively and spectacular dances, each one with its own set of costumes and style. The true variety of performances meant there was something for everyone at the show, something not uncommon for MDC.

MDC stands out not only due to its high-quality shows, but also its strong leadership and tight-knit dance crew.

MDC stands out not only due to its high-quality shows, but also its strong leadership and tight-knit dance crew. Co-Captain Sonia Kim 23, told the Register Forum, “Something that I feel a lot of people forget is that MDC is almost entirely student-run. What this means is that the students are choreographing the dances seen in the show, they are choosing and organizing costumes, they are designing the posters for the show, and the list continues. Because of this, I feel that MDC has a community like no other sport or club at CRLS. We share so much respect towards each other but also don’t take life too seriously.” 

The bond MDC members share can be felt not only from the energy onstage, but from the wings. During performances, MDC dancers cheered each other on, bringing up the enthusiasm for dancers, adhering to the supportive culture that MDC dancers speak so highly of. Kim comments, “As soon as I walk into the basement, I feel comfortable and safe and know I have found my community. Everyone who is part of MDC shares a bond and I feel as though I can talk to anyone at any time, everyone is just so nice. I love everyone there, I love the teachers, I love to dance, and I love the friends I have made through MDC.” The student bond is emphasized by Rory Hill 25, who told the Register Forum, “For me, MDC feels like more than a dance community. It feels like a family. I adore so much of the people and energy we have created.”

The energy that MDC has created for itself as a student-run group is truly remarkable. As MDC goes forward into semester 2, and preparation for the Spring DANCE/works in its first fully in-person year since the pandemic began, MDC will undoubtedly continue to put on show-stopping performances.

This article also appears in our January 2023 print edition.