Athlete of the Month: Solomon Hearn


Bruno Munoz-Oropeza

Junior Solomon Hearn is on the CRLS boys basketball and volleyball teams.

Charlie Bonney, Sports Editor

Solomon Hearn, a junior, plays for the CRLS boys basketball team and the boys volleyball team.

Register Forum: What does it mean to be a CRLS athlete and a multi-sport athlete?

Solomon Hearn: For me it means getting to represent Cambridge and all the people in Cambridge. I think it means showing every other city in Massachusetts what our environment is like here.


RF: How do you act as a leader for your teams?

SH: As a leader, I’m always helping people improve. I’m always encouraging people to do their best and try their hardest.


RF: How do you get ready for games?

SH: I usually listen to music; I have a music playlist to get some energy flowing.


RF: How do you hope to finish this year and your senior year in basketball and volleyball?

SH: I just hope that I will be able to finish my high school career strong. I just want to be able to make all my teammates stronger so as a whole we can make it as far as possible in playoffs— and if that means winning a championship, then that’s my goal.


RF: How has this volleyball season gone?

SH: I think we have improved a lot this season; we started off pretty slowly, but our chemistry improved a lot and we found out how to fix the problems. We were at a point where we were 4-6 and we were not planning on making the playoffs, but we fixed our mistakes and we have been on a 3-game win streak and we now only have to win two more games out of five games [to make playoffs].


RF: How would you reflect on this past basketball season and how do you hope the team will do next year?

SH: This basketball season, it could have been a lot better. The last game, a few people on the team—including myself—didn’t really show up, and if we did we could have made it much further. Next year, we have all the pieces to make it to the championship, if not win it.  


RF: Do you plan to continue playing either sport after you graduate high school?

SH:  I really want to play basketball in college. I have been playing for a few years and I have taken it very seriously. I have practiced a lot and spent a lot of time with it, so I’d really enjoy doing it [in college].


This piece also appears in our May 2019 print edition.