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The Teen Health Center at CRLS offers the flu vaccine for free.

Preventing the Flu This Season

November 7, 2019

Anyone who’s ever missed a day of school knows how stressful having to stay home can be—piles of assignments to make up, notes to copy, and tests to study for. Even worse?

Pictured: Harvard Market, located on Cambridge  Street near CRLS.

CRLS’ Open Campus Policy

November 7, 2019

Arriving back at CRLS for the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year, students were greeted with a morning announcement telling them that trips to off-...

Club Day 2019 took place during all three lunches on September 25th and 26th.

Club Day 2019 Encourages All CRLS Students to Get Involved

October 11, 2019

Each September, as the new school year begins, CRLS students start to think of ways to get involved in the CRLS community. To help students with this process, the school holds Club Day to inform students about the range of clubs CRLS offers.

Pictured: This year's two new biotech teachers.

With Two New Teachers, Biotech Excites Students

October 10, 2019

Pei-Yun Chu and Hiroko Kaczmarek are the new faces of the 2019-2020 RSTA Biotechnology program.

Pictured: Debate students at work at a weekly meeting.

No Rebuttal Necessary: Speech and Debate Club Has Entered a New Era

October 9, 2019

The Speech and Debate Club at CRLS benefits students in need of extra academic stimulation, meeting every Friday in Room 3610.

Pictured: The 1934 article in the

Blast From the Past: 1934

October 5, 2019

As the season of making, revamping and joining new clubs is beginning, today’s CRLS students have a plethora of options to choose from. But do we have an "A.I." club? The all-boys, Rindge Technical School, a predecessor high school of CRLS, of 1934 did, and no it wasn’t a before-its-time artificial intelligence club, but rather an “Anti-Initial Society.” This student-run group began as the “Anti-Initial Society” until students decided they needed to be more severe, adopting the name “Anti-Idiot Society.” As suggested by the name, the club dedicated itself to identifying and humiliating those students who carved their initials into tables, defacing public property. When the students caught someone, they would punish the perpetrator by requiring them to wear a sign around his neck that read, “ I am an INITIAL CARVER and a MENACE to RINDGE TECHNICAL SCHOOL.” The carver would then be expected to explain himself and his rationale behind trying to make his initials seen.

Pictured: The Great Buddha of Kamakura in Japan.

CRLS’ Summer Trip to Japan

October 5, 2019

This past June 19th, four CRLS faculty members and seventeen CRLS students took a trip to Japan. These students applied to go on the trip and helped to fundraise. The trip was organized by Timothy Ogino and Kristin Knowlton, along with two other volunteer faculty chaperones, Denise Lee and Willis Dougherty. One of the latter, Mrs. Lee, was an active part of the fundraising process.  She explains, “It was difficult. We needed to raise a lot of money. We started out with a GoFundMe, the four adults that were chaperoning reached out to their networks, the kids reached out through their networks, we did bake sales, and some kids went door to door in their neighborhoods asking for money.”

Ms. Berelowitch in her new 10th and 11th grade English classroom.

New Teacher Spotlight: Ariane Berelowitch

October 5, 2019

Ariane Berelowitch graduated from CRLS in 2010 and is now back to teach 10th and 11th grade English.

CRLS Responds: “What was the best part of your summer?”

Margaux Harrington, Josie O’Toole, and Andrew Mello

October 3, 2019

This piece also appears in our September 2019 print edition.

Continuing Tradition, the Black Student Union Hosts “Welcome Black 2 CRLS”

September 12, 2019

On the morning of September 5th, the CRLS Black Student Union (BSU) and others cheered on new and returning students and faculty as they entered t...

CRLS Teachers Recognized with Annual Faculty Distinction Awards

Zoe Fritz-Sherman, Metro Editor

June 18, 2019

For most seniors, graduation is a celebration of hard work, perseverance, and moving on to a new stage of life. But at CRLS, students also take time to acknowledge some of the most pivotal people in their development and success in high school, their teachers. On Thursday, June 6th, 2019, four teachers—Dr. Eva Lam, Mr. Duncan MacLaury, Ms. Melissa Chaney, and Mr. Ibr...

Blast From the Past: June 1944

Blast From the Past: June 1944

June 17, 2019

Each year, the CRLS community gathers to hold a graduation ceremony, awarding diplomas to the graduating seniors and sending them off after four years of high school.

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