What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Municipal Elections

Zoe Fritz-Sherman, Metro Editor

The Basics

The upcoming Cambridge City Council and School Committee elections will take place on November 5th. To find out where your local polling station is, go to https://www.cambridgema.gov/.

The city of Cambridge uses proportional representation to elect city officials. Proportional representation is a process where voters rank candidates, indicating their top choice as #1, their next as #2, and so on. 

The School Committee is a board with seven members that determines the school department’s policies and budget. The chair of the Committee is the mayor, while the other six members are directly elected at-large. At-large voting means that these officials are elected by the whole city and not just by a district. 

The City Council’s nine members participate in the legislative branch of local government, handling everything from authorizing public improvements to controlling the finances and property taxes of the city. The council members are elected at-large using the PR electoral process, and after each new Council is formed, the members elect two of the city councilors to be the mayor and vice-mayor.


The Candidates

Note: The candidates whose names are in bold are


School Committee                                                                  

Ruth Ryan Allen

Manikka Bowman

Bernette Dawson

Emily Dexter

Alfred Fantini

Christopher Lim

Elechi Kadete

José Luis Rojas Villarreal

David Weinstein

Rachel Weinstein


City Council

Sukia Akiba

Burhan Azeem

Dennis Carlone

Charles Franklin

Craig Kelley

Derek Andrew Kopon

Ilan Levy

Alanna Mallon

Marc McGovern

Jeffery McNary

Risa Mednik

Gregg Moree

Adriane Musgrave

Patricia Nolan

John Pitkin

Sumbul Siddiqui

Denise Simmons

Ben Simon

Jivan Sobrinho- Wheeler

Timothy Toomey 

Nicola Williams

Quinton Zondervan

Ayesha Wilson


Source: The Cambridge Election Commission
Graphic Credit: Zoe Fritz-Sherman

This piece also appears in our September 2019 print edition.