A Summer Guide to Cambridge

Juliana Vandermark, Managing Editor

Whether you have a job from 9-5 every day or plan on catching up on every season of every show on Netflix all summer, there’s always something going on in Cambridge to spice up your summer routine.

Be entertained

Need to escape the heat? Summer storms in the forecast? Head on over to a local theater and enjoy one of the many shows around Cambridge this summer. Just a few blocks from Harvard Square, you can catch the new musical, We Live in Cairo, at the American Repertory Theatre (ART). If AC isn’t a necessity for you, the city is also hosting a number of free, outdoor movie nights in various locations. Check out Summer in the City for more information.  

The city is alive with the sound of music!

If you like to sit back, relax and enjoy listening to some tunes, there are numerous local concerts this summer that you won’t want to miss. The annual Cambridge Jazz Festival at Danahey park is at the end of July and is a great place to lay back, hang out, and listen away. Want more of an impromptu concert experience? There’s always a local band or troubadour performing somewhere in Cambridge, whether in Davis Square, Harvard Square, or Raymond park. Follow the soulful singing, and you’ll find something in no time.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for . . .

Aaaah, ice cream, the unofficial mascot of summer. It’s so good you can really never get too much. There is no shortage of ice cream stores in Cambridge to satisfy your inevitable frozen and milky desires. For a more unique flavor experience, Christina’s in Central Square is the place to go. For consistently decadent scoops, go to Toscanini’s in Kendall Square. If you’re more of a yogurt person, Berryline (in both Porter and Harvard Square) is your best bet as it has both frozen yogurt and ice cream and its fresh fruit toppings are a special symbol of summer.

Get moving

Without homework consuming every waking hour of your life, you might have more time to focus on staying in shape this summer, and fortunately for you, Cambridge is a great place to bike. Take your wheels for a spin while watching the sunset along the Charles River or exploring the Minuteman Bikeway and you won’t regret putting that phone down. Biking not for you? Attend one of the free community yoga classes at Cambridgeside and Magazine Beach throughout the summer and discover a new passion.