Cambridge’s Best Hot Chocolate


Sakib Asraf

Though expensive, L.A. Burdicks hot chocolate is worth it.

Nathan Kolodney, Metro Editor

To truly define what makes a good cup of hot chocolate, I think the biggest two factors are price point and quality. This is why, to find the best hot chocolate in Cambridge, I tried three differently priced hot chocolates to see which one had the best combination of flavor and value.


Dunkin’ Donuts

The first hot chocolate I tried was also the cheapest and most abundant: Dunkin’ Donuts. A small hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts costs $2.19, and for this price, it is hard to go wrong. This hot chocolate was a good temperature and quantity for its price, but it did not impress when it came to flavor. It was both watery and not very chocolate-y, which led to a total rating of 2/5 chocolate bars.


1369 Coffee House

The second hot chocolate I tried was slightly more expensive, with a price of $3.25 for a small at 1369 Coffee House. The first thing I noticed about this hot chocolate was that it was the perfect temperature, and was very frothy on the surface due to a generous helping of whipped cream. The chocolate was more flavorful than Dunkin’ Donuts, but was a smaller quantity and still had a watery aftertaste. I concluded that this hot chocolate rated 3/5 chocolate bars.


L.A. Burdick Chocolate

The final hot chocolate I tried came from L.A. Burdick Chocolate, which cost an astounding $4.75 for a small. I was wary of this high price point, but after trying it, I understood why it cost so much. This hot chocolate not only had the most rich chocolate flavor, but it also had a thick texture and was not watery at all, unlike the previous two hot chocolates. After much contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that, despite its price, the hot chocolate from L.A. Burdick Chocolate is the best hot chocolate in Cambridge, earning a rating of 4/5 chocolate bars. Even though it is over $1.50 more than both of the other hot chocolates, the difference in quality is immeasurable, and I would advise anyone who hasn’t tried it to do so. It’s worth it.


This piece also appears in our February 2019 print edition.