Door Decorating Contest

Students Show Falcon Pride on CM Doors


William Reed

CM 3607 won the contest.

William Reed, Layout Designer

On September 20th, in the midst of getting settled into the new school year, members of the Student Government Association got together after school to judge Community Meeting door decorations for the annual CRLS Door Decorating Contest. This year, the event was also known as “CM Celebration.” The Door Decorating Contest is held every year during which different student homerooms compete to decorate their classroom door as best they can, following a set theme. This year’s theme, falcon pride, was especially full of school spirit; various doors all around the school were covered in our school’s mascot and colors.

According to Maeve Reilly, Senior Class President, the event was a way for the student body to show their creative abilities and compete against each other as a community in a friendly manner.

“The door decorating contest really helps the CRLS student body get back into the school-spirit groove early in the year,” Reilly states. “It is also a really good way for freshmen to get a good sense of what school spirit at Rindge is really like through tradition.”

The Door Decorating Contest is a concept that most freshmen are not aware of. Since Rindge is full of school spirit all year long, the annual contest is held specifically at the beginning of the year to show freshmen what school spirit at CRLS looks like. Freshmen CMs especially like to join in on the contest, considering it’s the first contest of the year.

Freshmen are not the only ones taking advantage of the opportunity to win a prize—the whole school gets involved. Upperclassmen CM doors also have a history of going all-out with decorations, determined to win a free breakfast.

Senior Josh Dunbar says, “I like the door contest. I think it shows how the different CMs operate based on who actually participates in the contest. It’s fun because we get to be creative and have fun seeing how other CMs compare to ours on a school-spirit basis.” CM 2202, of which Dunbar is a member, decorated their door to stand with the Black Student Union after a poster was torn down outside Mr. Dua’s classroom. The sign read, “Tear one down, tear us all down.”

The Door Decorating Contest was definitely a success this year; many doors spread throughout the school are covered in falcon pride. In the end, the student government judges concluded that CM 3607 won the contest. CM 3607’s door was decorated with feathers and elaborate drawings to show their falcon pride.

Congratulations to members of CM 3607, and good job to all other homerooms that participated!


This piece also appears in our October 2018 print edition.