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How CRLS Sports Teams Afford Snazzy Gear

Charlie Bonney, Sports Editor

CRLS athletes take pride in representing their school and team with school-branded sweatshirts and jackets, but where exactly does the money to buy this gear come from? In order to acquire these treasured items, teams must raise the money themselves.

Although this extra gear, such as tracksuits and jackets, is not given to teams, other equipment is paid for by the school district. CRLS athletic director, Tom Arria, said, “The district is very supportive in terms [of] providing resources every team needs in order to participate in a season, all the necessary items. Fundraising for some extras is a good thing because it does help promote some spirit amongst the program and amongst the team.”

I think wearing CRLS gear is good for school spirit. I love wearing the falcon on my chest.

— Emmett Biewald

Online fundraising resources have become common in team fundraising. Recently, websites like Snap!, Raise, as well as Reaching Our Goal, have been used by several CRLS teams.

Essentially, the model of the websites is a platform where a player can enter the emails of their family members, friends, and mentors.  Then the website will request money from the people entered on to the site. According to the website, the users will collect an 82% cut of the money raised, while the rest goes to the website.

CRLS teams have also used other forms of fundraising. Varsity basketball Head Coach Lance Dottin recounted the ways the program has fundraised: “We’ve used an ad book which promotes local businesses. … We’ve used T-shirt sales so kids can show their school spirit.”

Coach Dottin stressed, “We always put our money back towards the kids. … We’ve used [fundraising money] for practice uniforms, team dinners, memorabilia from the state championship run. Also, we’ve used the money to get different items that the athletic department doesn’t provide, any items that come into the gym.”

Emmett Biewald, a 10th grader who plays soccer and basketball at CRLS, thinks school-branded gear is beneficial for school spirit. He said, “I think wearing CRLS gear is good for school spirit. I love wearing the falcon on my chest.”

Friends of Cambridge Athletics (FOCA), also assists with raising money for teams. This organization hosts several events that support CRLS teams throughout the year, including the City Run, an annual 5-mile run and 3-mile walk.

Mr. Arria explained the purpose of FOCA: “Their mission is to help with teams in terms of supporting them with fundraising; they also do some individual fundraising.” He went on to explain that FOCA helps to “provide scholarship opportunities for graduating students,” which creates yet another way for Cambridge Athletics to supports its student-athletes.

This piece also appears in our October 2018 edition.