World Record Day: Brought to You by CRLS’ Black Student Union

Rindge Breaks “Most People Hugging Stuffed Toys” Record

Juliana Vandermark, Contributing Writer

A few weeks ago, CRLS made history, thanks to the organization and work of the Black Student Union (BSU). On May 22, 278 students, teachers, and faculty gathered in the Main Cafeteria, each clutching their own stuffed toy. This unique opportunity gathered an array of CRLS community members, each contributing to breaking CRLS’ first world record, the “most people hugging stuffed toys.” Mr. Dua, the advisor for the Black Student Union, announced it to the school in his emails, saying, “Come participate: for charity, fun, and a world record!”

The former record holders had 261 participants, so in order to surpass the previous record, CRLS needed 262 people to join in. The BSU pushed to spread the word until 278 people lined the floor of the cafeteria. The BSU members, dressed in yellow pinnies, helped ensure everyone was in order and everyone had a stuffed toy to break the record with. Once everyone was there, the group was lined up and thoroughly counted numerous times by volunteers Berhan Duncan and Sandy Simeon.

Behind the scenes, there was also a lot of staff help. As Mr. Dua acknowledged in his school-wide email, Jalyn Evans-Williams, Berhan Duncan, Sandy Simeon, Kathie Nyholm, Erica Modugno, Sharon Lozada, Laura Borrelli, and Ashley Sitkin contributed to the success of the event, along with the BSU members.

All of the tables in the main cafeteria were pushed to the side, and where they previously stood were lines and lines of excited students and staff members waiting patiently to make history. Freshman Ih’san Ellis summed up her experience, saying, “It was very hot and very crowded, but being a part of this group of people was very rewarding and fun, ’cause we broke a record.” Art teacher Amanda Kilton commented on the uniqueness of this day, saying, “It’s so funny to look around and see all of these high schoolers holding on to little stuffed animals.”

Later, in an email to the Register Forum, Ms. Kilton commented, “I think what made it such a wonderful event was how playful and fun it was; it was really a little funny to look around and not only see all of these high school students hugging stuffed animals, but also staff and school community members. It was a moment of so many people coming together to do something just for the fun of it.”