Seniors Leave on a High Note at the A Cappella Jam

Willa Frank, Contributing Writer

After months of preparation, CRLS a cappella groups Pitches and Dos, Girls Next Door, Sassafrass, the Transpositions, and Tonal Eclipse, as well as local guest group Uproar, performed at the Spring A Cappella Jam on Friday, April, 29th. Seniors Max Kaufman and Cooper Kelly were the emcees for the night.

Highlights included a tribute to the late Mr. Bixler, CRLS history teacher, soloed by Pitches and Dos’ Vera Targoff, a performance of “Zero to Hero” arranged by Kyla Frieden of Sassafras, and Lila Lifton’s arrangement of “We are Who We Are” by Kesha for Girls Next Door.

The audience was engaged throughout the jam, cheering, laughing, and applauding for friends and fellow classmates.

Nili Barnoon ’20 said of the performance, “I really enjoyed it. I thought all the groups performed beautifully and … I feel like the arrangements were really nice and each group … was unique!”

For the seniors, it was a bittersweet performance, as it was their last. Senior Lila Lifton said of her time as a member of Girls Next Door, “Being a part of a student led group means that we all want to be there, and we’re all willing to put in the work to … succeed, and I think that’s been incredibly empowering for a lot of us as musicians, student leaders, singers, and choreographers.”

Audience member Emma Beaumont-Smith ’19 remarked “I was really sad to see the seniors leave because I love … seeing them perform, and I think the program will really miss them.” While the seniors will  be sorely missed, they are leaving behind a strong legacy.

Sassafrass  member, sophomore Teesa Manandhar said, “I have loved the community … especially being in a little group … it’s like a sisterhood. Also, [you practice] with people from all different grades, so you get to meet a lot of upperclassmen and underclassmen, and it’s really fun!”

This piece also appears in our May print edition.