It’s Course Selection Season: Here Are New Courses at CRLS

Margaret Unger, Contributing Writer

There is a lot to look forward to in 2021, and that includes the new course offerings for the upcoming school year!


Cloud Compute Principles

Cloud Compute Principles is a new computer science course that will be taught by Mr. Marlin Kann. Anyone with an interest in learning about the internet cloud and its connection with the computer industry is encouraged to sign up. According to the course description, students will gain “hands-on experience designing, building, and fixing real cloud resources.”

The course will also prepare students to become “Certified Cloud Practitioners” with an Amazon Web Services Certification that could enhance their résumés. Mr. Kann encourages students to take the course both to explore the fascinating world of cloud computing and to increase employability, saying, “This is all about the industry of computing and will translate into some knowledge and skills which are in high demand because the virtualization power of the Cloud is so massive.” No previous computer science experience is required.


Envisioning Our Future Selves Through Writing

For those yearning to approach writing from a personal angle, Ms. Natasha Labaze will be teaching the new Envisioning Our Future Selves Through Writing course. This course will focus on understanding one’s self, and analyzing one’s personal, professional, and academic hopes and dreams. In addition to reading autobiographies, there will be opportunities to meet with and interview college students and professionals. 

While students in English classes traditionally analyze the lives of literary or historical characters, this course raises the question, “Why not examine your own lives?” Students will improve their writing and communication skills and produce a portfolio with a collection of their writings. Those who enjoy writing and hope to reflect on their lives and those of others are encouraged to take this course. As Ms. Labaze puts it, “Life is complex, rich, and phenomenally amazing. When you exit the ‘doors’ of CRLS on your last day of senior year, it would be helpful to have a ‘vision.’ All your plans might not be fulfilled, but at least you will have had a chance to think, dream and wonder.”


History of Fashion

History of Fashion—taught by Ms. Rickteyzia Simmons—will explore fashion in a broader social context, including its relations to historical events and social justice movements. Students will also analyze the fashion industry’s evolution over the years, and “how fashion reflects the times and pushes revolutionary ideas that ultimately reflect social change.”

Ms. Simmons noted that she is really excited to share with students how “fashion is more than the clothes you wear or the new hot sneaker that drops; history and fashion have always been interconnected.” 

Additionally, part of the course will explore different careers in the fashion industry, and there will be opportunities to meet professionals at local fashion companies. Ms. Simmons encourages anyone interested in “fashion beyond the physical construction of garment” to sign up.


Protest and PowerBlack Lives Matter

Protest and Power—Black Lives Matter is a new elective that can be taken for either History or English credit. It will be co-taught by Ms. Kanku Kabongo and Mr. Andrew Kreuser. When asked who should take this course, they responded, “Anyone and everyone. If you’re interested in current events, in getting involved in the movements for equality around you, in exploring the history and the future of this moment—take this class.” Protest and Power— Black Lives Matter will unite English and History while exploring movements developing alongside current events.

Ms. Kabongo and Mr. Kreuser noted that the course is inspired by “[students’] demands for content that they should be learning within a high school curriculum.” Two areas of focus frequently suggested in previous classes were the Black Lives Matter movement as well as movements for LGBTQ+ equality. Students will learn about leaders both involved in movements for justice as well as those “whose stories challenge the stereotypes that support inequality.” A variety of media will be studied, including written works, music, and film.


Keep an eye out for additional new courses listed in the 2021-2022 course catalogue! It will likely be available shortly before course selection.