How Another Trump Term Will Destroy America’s Institutions

Senia Cargill, Contributing Writer

As the presidential election nears, discussions on who would make a better president have become more frequent. However, the answer should not be up for discussion.  Joe Biden’s win would bring a better America to all citizens, not just a select few. This is seen in his plan for COVID-19, where he will make tests cheaper and easier to access and treatments more affordable, eliminating cost barriers that prevent care for COVID-19, allowing our country to start to get back to normal and as safely as possible. Biden also has plans to work with the Sunrise Movement to develop a climate plan involving a financial reward for farmers that use climate-friendly practices on their farms, and a tax on carbon emissions. 

In terms of economic justice, Biden is the right candidate for America. He plans to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, boost teacher pay, and lessen the cost of college, causing people to get paid fairly, and bringing more jobs for unemployed Americans, with plans to fix racial wealth gaps. With Biden as president, there will be more opportunities for African American and Latino business owners. Instead of defunding the police, Biden wants reform, because he believes the police are fundamental to American society. He is also the ticket to women’s rights. After Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, American women have feared their rights will be taken from them by the Supreme Court, but with Biden as president their rights will be protected. Biden supports equal pay for all genders, expanding access to high quality, affordable health care, and the idea of a woman’s bodily autonomy. Finally, Biden has more experience in executive office than President Trump; his eight years beat Trump’s four. 

Ultimately, Trump has no right to be in office; he became president because Americans were presented with two options many found equally unfavorable. Instead of voting, a majority of Americans chose to abstain, causing Trump supporters to take the election. Although it seems as if most people have learned from choosing not to vote, there are still some people who think not choosing is an option, which could result in Trump’s re-election. If that happens, the chaos we have endured for the past four years will only increase.

Unlike Biden, Trump has worsened foreign relations by calling third-world countries “sh*thole countries” and referring to COVID-19 as the “China-virus.” His presidency has caused white supremacist and conspiracy groups like Q-Anon and the Proud Boys to come out of hiding and claimed that he could not “denounce them” during the Trump Town Hall. These groups have plotted to kidnap the governor of Michigan and threatened supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and he only encourages it. 

In fact, when asked about police brutality against African Americans, such as George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, Trump responded by saying that more white people die from police brutality than black people. This is statistically inaccurate, due to the racial bias among facets of the US government. Proportionally, 32 out out every one million Black people have died from fatal police shootings since 2015

As for immigration, Trump has done nothing but harm. Immigrants who come from other countries to America to have a better and safer life are now and will continue to fight to live their dream for a life like an American that lives in the suburbs. 77% of immigrants are in America legally but the other 23% are hiding and fearing that they will get caught by ICE, which detains illegal immigrants in America. Many immigrants are being threatened by racist Americans that they will report them to ICE. It is extremely hard to get citizenship now that Trump is president, especially for people coming from third-world countries. And while most immigrants get deported, their children stay with ICE, and many of which die or fall ill during detainment. For example, a toddler died in August 2018 due to neglect in Dilley, TX;  this was confirmed by immigration lawyers but denied by ICE themselves in a Tweet. 

If Trump wins this November, our country will collapse—2020 will just be the start. But, if Biden wins, all the large issues we have will slowly let go of our country. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your parents to vote who you believe will save our country, even if you don’t like either candidate. Trump’s ideas are not towards fixing the country, so vote Biden to have a better chance at a better future. If everyone votes, Biden will win the election, but if people continue to refuse to employ their democratic duty, the Trump supporters will rise again and re-elect Trump as president, causing America to turn into an even more hateful and racist country. Vote to create a better future for us and our children.