Introducing CRLS’ New Student Government

Luna Valayannopoulos-Akrivou, Around School Editor

Despite the transition to online learning, the CRLS Student Government Association (SGA) has continued to run efficiently. SGA elections took place at the end of last year, when CRLS students voted for their potential representative for each grade and schoolwide. All candidates had an underlying theme and goal of making the student voice matter, and to ensure it is heard. Junior Representative Hafeza Chowdhury tells the Register Forum, “I chose to run for Student Government because I’m genuinely interested in being up to date with school policies, rules, and issues. And creating new policies that may be needed for our class.” Student Body Co-Presidents Leo Austin-Spooner ’21 and Aleahna Lartey ’21 have a similar goal: “We want to hear the struggles people are going through and the solutions they need.”

[The] Student Government should be a place that reflects the community and its demands.

The new SGA team is finding ways to support the community by joining clubs, drafting and signing petitions, and planning virtual events. Junior Representative Zareen Brown writes in her presentation speech, “I want the Class of 2022 to be able to have fun and successful events that we will remember after we leave Rindge and Latin. I also enjoy improving and enhancing the school environment with my peers, finding new ways to help people and represent the student body.” Moreover, Jinho Lee ’22, Junior Class President, adds, “I have a passion for planning events and organizing meetings, so I think that would be a perfect blend for Junior President!” Student Government has already helped with countless events in the past like homecoming, spring dances, and prom, and are eager to find ways to encourage the student body to continue participating in events, whether it is virtually or in person.

That being said, SGA members also have to ensure the well-being of the community. With the current injustices taking place in the world, a shared goal among most of the Student Government elected teams is making CRLS a safe environment for all. Lartey and Austin-Spooner point out, “We noticed broken communication which has caused people in CRLS to lose trust in Student Government’s abilities, and my goal is to earn that trust back.” Chowdhury explains, “My plan for making CRLS a safer environment is to encourage students to speak out against major issues taking place within our school. I want to encourage other students that we can be in an environment where it’s safe to talk and feel comfortable.” This goal has only been made harder to achieve by the pandemic. As the leaders have explained, they will work on making the SGA a more open and safe community. After all, Student Government should be a place that reflects the community and its demands.

Lartey and Austin-Spooner remind us that “We both understand it’s going to be a challenge but it’s one we are willing to fight for and find solutions to make a more satisfactory system.”