The Top Ten Movies to Watch During Quarantine

Margaux Harrington and Eliza Sutton

The Register Forum understands how difficult it is to stay in isolation and how frightening it can be to live through a global crisis. To help you get through your time at home, we’ve put together a list of the top ten best isolation and/or disaster movies for you to watch in the next month or more of enforced quarantine, and let you know as well what each film teaches us about isolation.


The Lighthouse – Stranded by a storm in the lighthouse that they stay in, two men struggle to remain sane as isolation takes its toll. 

Tip: However bored you are, please don’t try to get drunk off of turpentine. 


The Shining – The Torrance family is put in charge of taking care of the grounds of the Overlook hotel during its off-season. The hotel, however, proves to quickly unravel the psyche of the father of the family, setting him on a violent mission to terrorize his wife and son. 

Tip: Don’t push yourself and your fragile mental state too far with attempts at productivity. Also, stay out of elevators. 


Alien – The crew of a commercial mining spaceship, the Nostromo, is awoken from cryosleep in the middle of their journey home to investigate a potential rescue call coming from a nearby planet. Unknowingly, they end up bringing back and setting loose a deadly and nearly invincible creature that hunts them in their ship. 

Tip: Really, really, don’t leave the house. 


The Martian – After being left behind on a mission to Mars and presumed dead, Mark Watney must fight for his survival while NASA, a team of international scientists, and his crew work to rescue him.

Tip: It might be useful for you to learn how to make water with a match. You never know. 


The Simpsons Movie – Put Homer Simpson in charge of a silo of pig waste and you get a national crisis that threatens the existence of Springfield. As pollution levels reach a critical point, it is up to Homer to save his friends and family before the clock runs out.

Tip: If you’re feeling down and like today is the worst day of your life, Homer Simpson is here to remind you that it is only the worst day of your life so far.


Five Feet Apart – When two teens with cystic fibrosis, Stella and Will, meet in the hospital, they connect instantly; however, with their condition, they are forced to stay five feet apart. 

Tip: Watching this movie will give you plenty of ideas of fun things to do with friends while keeping your distance.


Life of Pi – A boy is stranded alone at sea facing dangers and seeking adventures with his only companion, a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.  

Tip: In these lonely times, be prepared to find company in the most unexpected places.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – High school senior Ferris Bueller pretends to be sick to get the day off of school, borrows his friend’s father’s Ferrari, and embarks on a day-trip into the city. But he better watch out, because there are people out to catch him in the act.

Tip: No need to feign illness when every day is now a day off. Go on adventures and make the most of this newfound free time (while practicing social distancing, of course)!


Interstellar – With Earth on the brink of being uninhabitable, a team of astronauts is sent through a wormhole on a long, lonely journey to determine which one of three planets could serve as a replacement.  

Tip: At least you aren’t trapped in a spaceship!


The Hateful Eight – Set a few years following the American Civil War, eight dangerous and testy strangers become trapped in a stagecoach stopover as they wait out a brutal Wyoming winter blizzard. Unsurprisingly, conflicts ensue.

Tip: Keep an eye on your drinks.