Nest Fest 2019: A Final Hurrah for CRLS Seniors

Charlie Reed, Around School Editor

Towards the end of school every year, the seniors hold an outdoor fair on the tennis courts to commemorate completing their four years of high school.

This year, during all three lunches, all students were allowed entry onto the tennis courts to enjoy the festivities, such as a bouncy house, a bouncy race course, music, and, most importantly, food that students found far more interesting than the regular cafeteria food. However, after the second bell of Lunch C rang, all students other than the senior class were required to go back to class, leaving the seniors alone together on the courts.

Being left behind on the tennis courts gave the soon-to-be-graduating class time to hang out with one another outside of the classroom. Sophie Green, a junior who volunteered at the Nest Fest bouncy race course, explained, “I think Nest Fest is good for the students, especially the seniors, because it is the last school-organized opportunity for everyone to come together and just have fun. It also gives the seniors a chance to celebrate how far they have come and all the work they have put in to get to their graduation.”

[Nest Fest] gives everyone one last memory of having a great time together while still being in school

— Finn Rose '19

While Nest Fest is an annual event at CRLS, last year the outdoor bash was not held because Student Government did not raise enough money. The seniors this year were clearly glad that the festival was held.

Senior Finn Rose said, “Nest Fest is a tradition that really brings the seniors together as well as the whole school. It gives everyone one last memory of having a great time together while still being in school,” showing that even though Nest Fest is a time to acknowledge the seniors and all of their accomplishments, it is also a time for the whole school to come out and enjoy one last organized activity with one another before summer vacation.  For all grades, Nest Fest is a time to have fun together while still enjoying the company of the seniors.