Tackling the 2017-2018 School Year: Student Government


Grace Ramsdell

Pictured: Student Body President Sophie Harrington addresses Student Government.

Sophie Harrington, Contributing Writer

Dear CRLS,

Welcome back to school! I can’t believe we’ve finished the first month of the year and are already in October. I know that I am nervous and excited for what this year will hold, and I’m sure many of the other seniors are too. For those of you who are new to CRLS—whether you’re starting your freshman year or moving here from a different school—I want to welcome you personally. There is a wealth of opportunities this school can bring to you if you go out and search for them.

I have been a part of the Student Government Association (SGA) since freshman year, but this year I am looking forward to holding new responsibilities and changing up how things are run. SGA, to me, is about finding ways that students can ameliorate life for other students at CRLS. This does not mean only talking about big issues like the opportunity gap, but rather reviewing and revising all of the sub-issues that create inequality at our school. Finally, I recognize that some students may be unsatisfied with the annual events that SGA hosts, so this year, I would like to incorporate new events that reflect the student body’s interests as well as ones that are financially welcoming to all students.

So far this year in Student Government we have started strong by hosting Welcome Day, starting a fundraiser for the victims of recent hurricanes, and finishing up the month with Club Day. One of our goals this year is to be more efficient with planning events so that our central focus in meetings can be activism issues. This year there will be an X-Block held on a Thursday every month, and members of Student Government have started to draft ideas for what topics we should be discussing in our homerooms.

We still have a lot of time to make significant, positive changes in the community.”

Already we have started to partner with different organizations at CRLS to address several important topics. We are also discussing ways we can be more transparent as an organization. We have decided that we will be posting weekly updates on our Facebook page (which everyone should go “like”). Hopefully, we will add a Student Government section to the “Did You Know?” school newsletter email.

Although the school year will go by quickly, we still have a lot of time to make significant, positive changes in the community if we so wish. I implore you to be curious, to stand up for your education, and to be an active member of the community.

Additionally, please hold us, the Student Government, accountable. We were elected to represent and serve you, and I hope that this year you will feel that the Student Government is truly a place where you can share your ideas. I highly encourage you to come to our meetings on Monday mornings at 7:15 AM in Room 1606!


Student Body President

Sophie Harrington

This piece also appears in our September print edition.