Outfit of the Month: Fritz Duverglas


Willa Rudel

Fritz Duverglas always wears pizza-themed attire.

Andrew Mello, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It was Steve Jobs who famously sported the same black turtleneck, working jeans, and sneakers wherever he went. Many others have tried a similar philosophy, but few can pull it off as well as Fritz Duverglas ’19. You’ve likely seen his famous silhouette in the hallways; a pepperoni hoodie topped by a cheesy bucket hat to match. Duverglas is nearing the end of his fourth and last year of consistently wearing nothing but pizza-themed attire. So, to celebrate the occasion, the Register Forum conducted an interview to uncover the scoop behind one of CRLS’ most fashion-forward students.


Register Forum: When did you get the idea for the outfit?

Fritz Duverglas: I got the idea for the hat when I saw the hat in the shop and wanted to buy it because I was always so obsessed with pizza. From there, I went to school with the hat on the first day [of high school], and wore it ever since.


RF: Where did you get the hoodie and hat from?

FD: The hat came from an end-of-the-year Washington, DC trip in 8th grade from a souvenir shop. … At the beginning of the second semester last year, I was given a pizza hoodie from Ms. Young for the National Honors Society Induction Ceremony as a gift. From there, I was gifted the pizza pants from my Calculus BC class and some pizza socks from a Teaching Assistant, my boss, and my mom. This year, I bought the shoes in order to have the full fit.


RF: Do people ever ask why?

FD: Many people’s first reaction to the hat is the question, “Why the hat?” I always say [that it’s] because I want to be different from everyone else—be unique.


RF: What’s the philosophy behind it?

FD: My philosophy when it comes to the hat, and everything else that I wear, is to be comfortable with yourself and how you present yourself to the world.


RF: Do you wear pizza-themed clothes on the weekend, too?

FD: No, I don’t wear it on the weekend when I’m at home—or anytime if I’m at home. But, if I am out with friends, I still wear it.


RF: Have you ever been in a serious situation and felt out of place or underdressed?

FD: Not really. I haven’t felt out of place when it comes to that. Sometimes, there are points where I’m in a really serious situation where dressing like this isn’t the norm, but it doesn’t bother me.


This piece also appears in our April 2019 print edition.