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Prom 2018: Dancing, Bonding, and “Mountains of Food”

The Highly Anticipated Annual Dances Were a Success, Say Students

Peter Fulweiler, Contributing Writer

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The 2017 junior and senior proms were considered “popping” by many of last year’s attendees, and the 2018 proms seemed to live up to the hype.

The venue of junior prom on May 5th was the Courtyard Marriott in Boston, but before the juniors could even get to the hotel, they had to pass the masses of proud parents snapping pictures. Finally, the students bid farewell to their glad parents and headed off to prom, many by means of Uber or Lyft.

Although prom technically started at 7:00 PM, most juniors took their sweet time and arrived “fashionably” late around 8:00 or 8:30 PM.

The students were also lucky enough to score a full buffet with pizza, french fries, and pasta, which was followed by the popular ice cream bar with all the toppings.

At first the juniors were reluctant to start dancing, but soon enough, as more people trickled into the ballroom, heels went flying off and students started getting down on the dance floor.

According to junior Tenya Gardner, the Class of 2019 was having a good time. “It was really fun to see everyone dressed up and dancing,” she said.

By the middle of the evening, the junior prom king and queen were announced, with Alia Farah being crowned prom king and Gardner being crowned prom queen. “The only reason I ran was because no one else was [running for prom king],” said Farah, after receiving the title.

Many seniors were shocked and upset when they looked at the weather on the morning of their prom, May 19th, and saw cloudy skies and rain from the afternoon until the next morning.

However, the seniors, with their positive attitudes, decided to make the best of it and enjoy prom despite the lousy weather. Of course, many of the pre-prom photos and get-togethers had to be shifted from outside to inside.

Similar to junior prom, the seniors were greeted at the Boston Long Wharf Marriott by a buffet with mountains of food and dessert. The students quickly wolfed down their dinners, tossed their shoes to the side, and started dancing. Senior Kenneth Moody stated, “It was interesting. The DJ could’ve been worse.”

Halfway through, the prom king and queen were announced: Hadari Binda and Sitaara Muhammad, respectively. Soon after the prom royalty were announced, the students returned to dancing and continued to enjoy the rest of the night.

As senior Elaina Wolfson commented, “I thought it was really fun. I was dancing the whole time.”

This piece also appears in our May print edition.

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Prom 2018: Dancing, Bonding, and “Mountains of Food”