“Spoon Game”

Tal Ben-Anat, Contributing Writer

Sometimes throughout our lives, we take a critical hit

And we wonder if a lifetime of hurting is even worth it

Well, let me spell out a tale imbued with woe

Cuz you know I got played about a week ago

Well it was back in the time

When I was tryna write rhymes

When all my good friends, my homies were off

All on their grind

Thinking ‘bout their future… the course of their lives

Measuring density of destiny like God in the clouds

Well there I was, j chillin’, just feelin’ the vibe

Tryna leave all of this high school stuff behind

Tryna get up in the summer so I could recline

Tryna start my adult life by living out my dreams

Tryna fight the good fight, tryna get in the scene

Yeah I was sitting all desolate alone in Lunch B

Where I was pondering on how to be a good emcee

When all a sudden… this girl sits near me

And I knew today was boutta be interesting

Her name was Sophie, we went to middle school in sync

And when she asked me for my help I didn’t have to think

But ladies and gentlemen, this is where I fell hard

Where my benevolent, helpful ass got caught off guard

I said I’d lend a hand, but I got real reckless

Ensuing actions made me wanna don a rope necklace

Cuz when the time came, deft hand dealt blow

And all knowledge dropped all at once

As body evicted soul

Man dead at 18, lunar month in the game

Tryna gather my mental, hoping I don’t go insane

Because when all’s said and done

Maybe God’ll grant me a boon

Expedited recovery from homicide by a spoon.

Tal Ben-Anat performed this rap at the 2018 talent show on April 17th. This piece also appears in our May print edition.