Kali Uchis Establishes Herself as the Goddess of Love

Falcon Rating: 4.5/5

Sophia Kennedy, Contributing Writer

Kali Uchis never intended to make music her career, skipping class as a teenager to create short films and creating mixtapes out of her Subaru. However, in March of 2023, the now 28-year-old Colombian-American singer released her third studio album, Red Moon In Venus, after two singles for the album, “I Wish You Roses” and “Moonlight.” Following her other projects that commonly contain themes of nostalgia, youth, and finding a place in a harsh world, her new artwork has a refreshing message: love. Uchis blends R&B, experimental pop, soul, Afrobeats, and Latin music to express the power of love in all its forms, while referencing concepts of astrology and the divine feminine. She begins the album with “in My Garden…” a 25-second declaration of love with instrumentals, insects, and chirping birds in the background, a setting that makes the listener feel as if they’re outside on the phone with a lover. Beginning and ending with sounds of nature, the album is a journey of growth and love and all its dimensions.

Her new artwork has a refreshing message: love.

As Uchis proceeds, the album teaches us what it means to love, whether that be inwardly or outwardly. The album continues with “I Wish You Roses” which reminds us that blossoms are not without thorns and of the importance of finding peace in your heart to let others go with love. In “Fantasy,” which features Uchis’ boyfriend, Don Toliver, the couple passionately duets with each other, creating a dance number full of romantic tension. Uchis, fitted with rose-tinted glasses, sings “Wanna spoil me in every way/It’s Valentine’s like every day,” in her 9th track “Endlessly.” The song serves as a reminder to listeners that no one is worth their time and energy unless they work for it, through gifts, attention, and gestures. She continues these messages that reawaken our views on divine femininity and self-empowerment, using commonly feminine-associated symbols in a positive way, such as the moon, the planet Venus (named after the Roman goddess of love), and butterflies. The butterflies that decorate the album cover, are, as she describes, the “epitome of ‘girly,’” and notes the “transformative quality of the butterfly” that pairs with the concept of the album.

Past the roses, butterflies, and infatuation, the album continues exploring individual worth but in different dimensions. It could mean leaving toxic relationships portrayed in “Deserve Me (feat. Summer Walker),” or accepting the importance of self-love, as declared in “Hasta Cuando” when she says, “Make everyone hate me if that makes you feel better.” Towards the end of the album, Kali Uchis begins to wrap it up with “Moonlight,” a dreamy anthem for self-care and dressing up. In it, the term “dolly” is repeated to illustrate her perception of herself. The album is a wonderful journey from beginning to end with all kinds of lessons sprinkled throughout the tracks. It enlightens listeners of the value of loving oneself, loving wholeheartedly, being brave enough to let go of others with love or to leave others who don’t deserve your love, and generally experiencing life with a pure and honest heart.

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