March Crossword

Jay Rochberg, Contributing Writer


1 Country from which St. Patrick’s day comes (Ireland)

7 A travelling person without a permanent home (Nomad)

8 Clothing (Garb)

11 Baseball player in a box (Batter)

12 Biblical garden (Eden)

13 Conjunctions (Ors)

14 A machine that supplies power for a vehicle or device with moving parts. (Motor)

16 3 volleyball contacts: Bumps, ____, hits

19 Solid material from which metal can be extracted (Ore)

20 None, in Spanish (Nada)

22 Seinfeld, Friends, That 70s Show, etc. (Sitcoms)

25 Airline named for the largest U.S state by landmass, in reverse (Airalaska)

28 The Curse of  La _______, 2019 horror movie (Llorona)

29 Peanut butter cup company (Reeses)



1 Someone taking the train from Alewife to South Station (Inbounder)

2 Sound lions make (Roar)

3 First responders (EMTs)

4 Lower back muscle (abbr.)  (Lat)

5 “Rolling in the Deep” singer (Adele)

6 Atypical (Abnormal)

8 Precious stone (Gem)

9 Without further ___ (Ado)

10 Tried a test again, in a forgiving teacher’s class (Retook)

15 Hi-___, good quality audio or video

16 What moves boats that don’t have 14 across (Sails)

17  Russian emperors prior to 1917 (Tsars)

18 Storage for missiles or grain (Silos)

21 Race Car drivers  ____ Earndhart Jr. and Sr. (Dale)

23 A strong taste, flavor, or smell (Tang)

24 AP ___, computer science course offered at CRLS (CSA)

27 ___ v. Wade (Roe)

This also appears in our March 2023 print edition.