The Best Eateries You Need to Visit in Cambridge


Chanho Lee

Coast Cafe is a hidden gem in Central Square.

Helina Mulualem and Chanho Lee

Have you been living in Cambridge your whole life and want to try a new place to eat? Need help finding where to eat out with friends or giving restaurant suggestions for tourists and family? Here are some of the best places to eat across Cambridge!

1. Cafe Luna (Kendall/Central) is a great spot to eat breakfast and lunch foods, especially as we transition into warmer weather with their outdoor seating. Enjoy their french toast and pancakes topped with delightful fruits.

2. Kantipur Cafe (Inman) is the perfect restaurant for authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine, spicy food lovers, and a comfy setting to enjoy your meals while looking out the window. Their signature mango lassi is a must have, along with any of their tandoori specialties.

3. Brookline Lunch (Central) has proven to be the heart of Central Square, offering a fusion of American and Mediterranean cuisines. This family business has been running since 1989, making sure each meal is made with love. Dine in their welcoming environment and be sure to order their iconic baklava pancakes.

4. Coast Cafe (Central) is the heart of southern cuisine and soul food in Cambridge. Order a chicken plate along with two signature sides of their creamy mac and cheese and savory rice and beans. Top it all off with a sweet treat of cornbread and their coconut wonder bar.

The spicy crispy shrimp is a highlight off [Changsho’s] menu.

5. Happy Lamb (Central) is the best spot in Cambridge for hot pot. Packed with a variety of different ingredients, they will have all the choices you need, from warm spring rolls, to desserts, to lychee juices. Come here with a group of friends or family and show off your perfect sauce mix while dining away.

6. Bluestone Lane (Harvard), is the most aesthetically pleasing cafe in Cambridge, from their interior design, to the presentation of food. The warm lighting sets the scene and makes this a perfect place to go out for lunch with friends. 

7. Amorino (Harvard) exemplifies the finest Italian gelato in Cambridge. Come here to end a day with various flavors of gelato and ice cream that can be topped with delicate macarons. 

8. Felipe’s (Harvard) continues to stand out in Cambridge with their savory and comforting Mexican food. Their long and bustling lines, along with their delicious burritos and churros, demonstrate the importance and popularity of this restaurant to Cambridge.

9. Changsho (Porter) is the best restaurant for late night Chinese cravings. Changsho translates to “often” or “familiar,” which you will find to visit often after trying their delectable dishes. Among their many amazing dishes, the spicy crispy shrimp is a highlight off their menu.

10. Mr. Crepe (Davis Square) is perfect for comfortably eating something light and sweet. The crepes are served warm and fluffy and can come gluten-free with sweet or savory fillings. Additionally, they have an everyday bakery with a variety of baked goods. Complete a meal by asking for a cup of coffee that will warm your soul.

This article also appears in our March 2023 print edition.