Falcon Pride Day: A Resounding Success

Anaïs Pité, Contributing Writer

Upon re-emerging from quarantine, numerous CRLS events and activities have returned, among them being Falcon Pride Day! The half day before the Thanksgiving break was dedicated to uplifting school spirit, during which each grade moved through various stations and their respective activities. It was intended to allow for community bonding with students’ respective grade levels. This joyous day, filled with games, performances, and the popular student versus staff basketball game, was the perfect introduction to Thanksgiving Break.  

This joyous day … was the perfect introduction to Thanksgiving Break.”

Activities were held at four stations: the auditorium, the cafeteria, the upper gym, and the fieldhouse. The auditorium hosted several musical groups and clubs, including CRLS’s Traveling Chorus, Modern Dance Company (MDC), the Falcon Band, the Step Team, and the K-Pop Club. Amy Kim ’24, one of the performers in the Traveling Chorus, said to the Register Forum, “[My] favorite part of performing was when we finished performing the prepared pieces! The clapping was appreciated, as well as the warm reaction from the crowd—it all made it worthwhile. The program was not only entertaining to students, but also enlightening. Juliette Coley ’24 expressed to the Register Forum that the auditorium was her favorite station because “[I] comfortably watched beautiful performances from art groups that don’t get enough of the spotlight.” Also livening the crowd were this year’s MC’s, Irene Hill ’23 and Halima Osman ’23, who filled the audience with laughter with their very relatable jokes.

The cafeteria was dedicated to having fun and hanging out with friends. The STARs class arranged the cafeteria with activities ranging from Twister, to board games, to karaoke. They also set up a ping pong table where students and teachers competed against each other as their friends cheered them on.

Another station was the fieldhouse, where many showed great team spirit. With the larger recreational area, students engaged in tournament-style dodgeball games with their Falcon Blocks, with each grade having a winning homeroom. Coley also participated in the dodgeball tournaments, and although she did not make it past the first round, “it was fun nonetheless.”

In the upper gym, CRLS students cheered on their fellow classmates as they valiantly battled against staff members in the students versus teachers basketball game. Although the staff won, the spirit among students was still electric. In an interview with the Register Forum, Ms. Read, who participated in the basketball game, shared,“The basketball game was so fun, it was great to play against so many students! It was a great experience as someone who doesn’t play basketball, everyone cheered each other on and had fun!” Overall, the staff versus student basketball game was enjoyed by many and enhanced the CRLS community.

Falcon Pride Day successfully made its re-debut, providing students with a day of excitement, team bonding, and focus on all the incredible activities and talent CRLS has to offer.

This article also appears in our December 2022 print edition.