A Look into the Transitional State of Boston Sports


Kate Wheatley

Be sure to watch the Boston sports scene flourish in the coming months!

Oliver Henke, Contributing Writer

November is the month to check in on Boston’s four storied sports franchises: The Red Sox campaign is fresh enough to reflect on, the Patriots are in full swing, and the Celtics and Bruins are getting their seasons underway. While none of the teams are as hapless as the Detroit Lions, they have all been dealing with their fair share of turnover and turmoil. Depending on how the coming months unfold, the sports scene in the Hub could change drastically.

Depending on how the coming months unfold, the sports scene in the Hub could change drastically.

Patriots: The Patriots are still trying to find their footing in the aftermath of Tom Brady’s 2020 departure. Second year starter Mac Jones has struggled with basic quarterback duties. After suffering an ankle injury in Week 3, Jones was relieved by rookie Bailey Zappe (rhymes with happy). Zappe went 2-0 in his first games, prompting the weekly “Zappe Hour” from Patriot nation. Fans were disappointed when Coach Bill Belichick fully resorted to Jones in Week 8, but at the very least, Belichick is now leading the useless Brady vs. Belichick debate. The tight-lipped 70-year-old coach has led the Patriots to rebound from a 1-3 start to an above .500 record. In comparison, the 45-year-old Buccaneers signal caller has gone through a divorce, a brutal loss to the Panthers, and a losing record through the first half of the year.

Celtics: The Celtics, armed with the dynamic 1-2 punch of Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, along with a fortified bench, appear poised to repeat their success from the second half of last season. Despite suspending head coach Ime Udoka, the Celtics have started the season 10-3, impressing fans. However, the Celtics have not had the stellar defense that set them apart last year, causing concern—but not yet panic—within the Celtics’ fanbase.

Red Sox: Coming off a disappointing 2022 season, the top priority for the Red Sox this offseason should be re-signing the face of the franchise, Xander Bogaerts, to a long-term contract. While it is inevitable that Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom will sign plenty of oddballs, castaways, and misfits, let’s hope he at least does something remotely interesting—perhaps signing Aaron Judge. While this is not going to happen, it is entertaining to ponder. As de facto general manager, Bloom has cut ties with many beloved players, with the goal of “sustained success”. Fans’ annoyance comes from his lack of investment in the league’s top talents, and the team’s middling track record throughout his tenure. It remains to be seen how, or if, Chaim Bloom manages to right the ship.

Bruins: The Bruins are off to a blistering start under new coach Jim Montgomery, winning 13 of their first 15 games. However, the organization is reeling following the signing of Mitchell Miller, a defenseman with a concerning history of hazing. Even after parting ways with Miller, there is still much explaining to do, and wounds to be healed between the organization and the fanbase. Despite that, a mix of old and new talent has the team flying thus far, leaving the city optimistic about a title push.

As the days get darker, let’s hope the Boston sports scene gets brighter!

This article also appears in our November 2022 print edition.