What Your Favorite Tea Says About You Today

Meiya Weeks and Brian Liu

Black Tea

A classic: black tea. Today, you appreciate tradition; tomorrow, you may find yourself fiercely liberal on some topics. Politically, you have that awesome open mind and can believe it all, especially extremist right (or left) wing rhetoric. Of course, you also find that sometimes you don’t care about politics one bit. Keep sipping that steaming tea, you liberal, conservative friend! Wear that badge with pride!

Green Tea

Today, you may find yourself getting chilly easily, and also warm. At some point today, however, you may find yourself neither warm nor cold, a sort of “room temperature,” “lukewarm,” or “homeostasis.” This phenomenon is unique to green tea folks. Wear that badge with pride!

Fruit Tea

Fruits, you wear your heart on your sleeves. However, when you don’t feel comfortable sharing your feelings, you just wear your sleeves plain and keep your heart elsewhere. This emotional duality is unique to fruity folks. Wear that badge with pride!

Iced Tea

You iced tea lovers are entrepreneurial. Who would have thought to put ice in tea? However, today you embrace the comfort of a 9 to 5. Success is within reach. Wear that badge with pride! 

Jasmine Tea

Today, your romantic relationships will be brought into question, and the solution may not be right in front of your eyes. Wear that badge with pride!

Chamomile Tea

Drink chamomile? You are a loving, warm, friendly person who can also be a mean douchebag at times. Wear that badge with pride!

Sweet Tea

Today, you will face a few problems. Wear that badge with pride!