CRLS Teachers Respond: First Names

Amy Kim, Contributing Writer

If you think really hard about it, everything and everyone has a name. Squirrels that fall off of trees? A 3-year-old has already named it Mr. Celwury or Throckmorton. That one really pretty color that’s red and pink with a splash of burgundy? One would presume #D21F3C (or #CA3433, it’s up for debate). 

In short, names are important. Even more so if you are a student or an educator—that is what everyone will be calling you!

In 2019, students started a trend on TikTok in which they recorded reactions of their teachers being called by their first names. I was curious about how CRLS teachers would feel if called by their first names, so I asked!

“How would you feel if students were to call you by your first name?”

Dr. Lam:

I would be confused, but I wouldn’t be angry about it. I had a student a couple years back that accidentally called me Eva. I made fun of him for the rest of the year. It’s what happens when you get too comfortable! 

Mr. Benson:

I think there needs to be a distinction between a teacher and a friend, and if the last name establishes that, I would go by the last name.

Mr. Benson, fear not, you will be Mr. Benson even in my dreams. I respect you a lot.

Dr. Stefanov:

You know, I always say, “Whatever you call me, don’t forget to call me for lunch!” Only my mother calls me Ivan—but I don’t really mind what students call me.

As displayed above, our amazing teachers all have mixed reactions. Ultimately, it’s important to respect their boundaries! Just remember: a joke is only funny when both sides think it is funny.