Welcome to the 132nd!

Eman Abdurezak and Esther Fu

Welcome to the 132nd year of the Register Forum! We are thrilled to continue the legacy of an integral pillar of the Cambridge Rindge and Latin School community. The Register Forum distributes monthly printed and online editions to all staff and students. It is a place that enables students to express themselves as writers, illustrators, photographers, podcasters, and more! As yet another exciting year commences, we look forward to facilitating the spread of school news and student views.

This year, the Register Forum hopes to take large strides in increasing the representation of all members of CRLS. We value the varying views and experiences that all students hold, and plan to be more inclusive of all communities within the pages of each new edition. Historically, editorial staff members and contributors have had the tendency to focus their journalistic efforts on predominantly white groups at the school. Along with our all-new editorial team of students with a range of perspectives, we hope to further acknowledge the variety of focuses in the content that is published. Diversifying the portrayal of the student body has been a long-standing objective for our predecessors. We pledge to more effectively advocate for this goal by collaborating with other CRLS club leaders, especially those who oversee culture-enriching organizations.

We hope to further acknowledge the variety of focuses in the content that is published.

Through collaboration with middle school English classes in the district, we will provide an early start for incoming freshmen hoping to join during their time at CRLS. We hope to create positive first impressions that make contributions to the Register Forum a heartening experience for all students and further boost underclassmen participation. With endless ways to get involved, we invite everyone to take part and pitch in! The choice of when and how much to contribute is entirely up to you, especially considering the constantly changing contributors on our masthead. Nevertheless, we hope you find a second home with us in room 3401, where we hold our meetings and complete layout.

The Around School section is one of many excellent avenues to express our motto, “Reflecting Cambridge Rindge and Latin.” It is a medium that showcases the plethora of student interests, events, and talents. Traditionally, this section has been used to cover new policies, performances, assemblies, schoolwide events, and the popular “CRLS Responds” segment. With the diverse range of clubs and organizations within our community, we will put forth greater efforts to uplift the myriad of affinity groups present at CRLS through this avenue.

Our Opinion section is yet another means that allows the opportunity to showcase the voices at our school. Crucial or trivial, writers are welcome to express their thoughts on any topic of interest. Upholding our motto, the Register Forum has an important responsibility to accurately represent the student body and the values they sustain.

Lastly, despite the changes we wish to implement, we hope to embrace the long history of the Register Forum, preserved in the newly digitized archives. Found on our website under the “CPL Register Forum Archive” tab, our archives reveal old traditions and world events through the eyes of alumni. We take pride in the inheritance of an organization of rich narratives, augmented longer than any other high school publication in the United States. While we intend to protect the foundation and strong tradition of this cherished organization, we believe this year will be one of many positive transformations for the Register Forum.

We hope that you, as readers and future contributors, will hold us accountable for advancing toward greater representation in the paper. We are excited to watch the year progress and report on all the incredible things CRLS will accomplish this school year.

This piece also appears in our September 2022 print edition.