Advice to the Class of ’26

Julia Shaw and Tavi Pollard

1. If you’re taking any AP classes, make sure to let the upperclassmen in your class know that you’re better than them. They’ll appreciate the reality check.
2. Start your own CRLS-branded Instagram account; we’ll never have enough of them!
3. If you see someone vaping in the bathroom, make sure to tell a teacher so it gets confiscated. They’ll thank you profusely for saving them from a devastating nicotine addiction.
4. Since PE is a required class, make sure you take it super seriously. Everyone will admire your commitment to fitness and want to be your friend!
5. If any upperclassmen accidentally say CM instead of Falcon Pathways Block™ or Falcon Balance Block™, make sure you correct them. Old dogs struggle to learn new tricks, but this correction is absolutely crucial to their learning experience.
6. If you have any physical ailment, no matter how small, go to the Teen Health Center! Its purpose is to hand out band-aids.
7. Make sure you’re hanging out in as large of a group as possible. The more space you take up in the halls, the better. People will be jealous of how many friends you have!
8. Be the class clown. If people are laughing, it’s definitely with you, not at you.

This piece also appears in our September 2022 print edition.