So Who Won The Spoon Game? We’ll Tell You Ladle

Stella Guest and Marika Hollister

As another year comes to a close, so does the annual CRLS Spoon Game. This year’s game was filled with challenges, heartbreak, and scandal. For those who don’t know, the Spoon Game is an annual senior tradition in which those who participate compete to be the last senior standing. With an entrance fee of five dollars, the most fundamental rule is to hold a single plastic spoon the entire day except in safe spaces such as classes, and complete the difficult challenges created by the admins. Each player is given a target—someone they have to seek to tag out by catching them spoon-less—while also avoiding their own assassin. After weeks of betrayal and elimination, the winners of the 2022 Spoon Game and half of the cash prize were seniors Lili MacArthur and Imran Hussain.

Her soulful words serve as a grave reminder for future classes to “bring a spoon.”

In the midst of all the entertaining and often physically demanding challenges, there were certain players that pushed boundaries to reveal who was really in it to win it. Noe Shoor ’22, voted the most dedicated player along with finalist Hussain ’22, agreed that the most difficult challenge was the wild card on May 26th which required all players to balance a book on their heads for the duration of the school day. Other challenges included carrying a raw egg all day, jumping on one foot, squatting every third step, and of course, the infamous “Clittergate.” There were also the occasional allegations of cheating, an inevitable consequence of such a demanding game. An anonymous source revealed that two of the top five contestants cheated in the final challenge: a race to send a picture of themselves in a Danehy Park tree at 7:45 pm. It was found that participants secretly changed the time on their phones so they could send the photo earlier, resulting in a new last-minute challenge that some may argue gave an unfair advantage to people closer to the landmark they had to race to touch.

As CRLS looks forward to a new generation of Spoon Game participants, it grieves the loss of the freshly graduated seniors, who shared a few parting words for future players. Shoor ’22 admitted to the Register Forum that she was shocked she made it as far as she did, but says the key to her surprising success was to “lay low.” Contrarily, Hussain recommends to the Register Forum, “try and get all your friends out first so you don’t have to worry about it later in the game,” an interesting approach that eventually proved successful. Finally, Isla Mitchell ’22 who was tagged out within the first hour of day one, shared her wisdom and regrets with the Register Forum. Her soulful words serve as a grave reminder for future players to “bring a spoon.”

Congratulations to all participants and winners! After so many empty years without the infamous Spoon Game, it is good to see it stirring things up again. This Spoon Game was un-fork-gettable!

This piece also appears in our June 2022 print edition.