Proposed Fresh Pond Golf Course Transformation


Allison Korn

Fresh Pond Golf Course is a remarkable gem and part of the fabric of Cambridge.

Hannah Chun, Metro Editor

Recently, the city began considering a proposal that would explore repurposing or reducing the Fresh Pond Golf Course. On January 24th, the Cambridge City Council met to discuss this matter where the public expressed their support and opposition. In a subsequent City Council meeting on January 31st, an amended version of Policy Order POR 2022 #9 was adopted unanimously that requested the City Manager for a report on the use analysis of the golf course by March 30th.

The Fresh Pond Golf Course is Cambridge’s only golf course where the CRLS golf team practices and competes. To find out what the CRLS golf community believes about potential changes to the course, the Register Forum interviewed several members.

Joe Pagliaro, who has coached the golf team for 53 years, stated in an email interview, “The … Fresh Pond Golf Course is [a] remarkable gem and part of the fabric of Cambridge. … It would be a shame to reconfigure a great conditioned, viable nine holes, loaded with history, and a remarkable test of golf.” Pagliaro also spoke to the potential impact on the golf team, adding that a reduction “would have a significant impact to the CRLS golf team, the seniors who looked forward to playing there during the week, the many leagues, and just ordinary golfers who can play a masterful nine holes for a reasonable price.”

John Mahoney, another coach of the team, echoed Pagliaro, saying, “While the need for affordable housing in this city remains great, I do not believe that the golf course would be a viable place for development anyway since our water system is located in the same area.” Mahoney explained that on the team, “The number of players has grown, as well as the number of female players and players of color, and it would be a shame if the program were to be stunted.”

Fresh Pond Golf Course creates an inclusive environment to play this sport.

The co-captain of varsity golf, Gefen Shapiro ’23, also commented, “I think the golf course changing into something else would be a ridiculous waste of space and [an] insult to Cambridge residents.” Senior Joe Duraisingh ’22, a golfer on the varsity team, told the Register Forum, “The school team exemplifies how Fresh Pond Golf Course creates an inclusive environment to play this sport. Our team had over forty members this past season from every grade, many different backgrounds and all skill levels. … Had the course been reduced, we wouldn’t be able to hold matches there anymore, and the school team along with the thousands of players in the community would be at a great loss.”

“For me and many of my teammates who have played on the CRLS golf team throughout high school, the golf course will always hold sentimental value. While playing on the course, it’s a special feeling to be so close to our natural surroundings, while also sharing memorable moments with friends,” Jack Goldfinger ’22, another varsity golfer, told the RF.

For the time being, the city has decided that the golf course will remain as is. The city plans on a committee hearing this spring, based on the use analysis report, where the future of the Fresh Pond Golf Course will be further discussed.

This piece also appears in our February 2022 print edition.