Math Club Problem of the Month

As you may know, CPSD pool-tested approximately 3500 students before returning to school. Students were put in pools of 10; each pool was tested once, and for every pool that tested positive, each student in the pool was tested individually to determine which students had COVID-19. Due to complications at the lab, most students did not receive their results, but the testing process could have been carried out more efficiently with a different pool size. We can assume that the positivity rate was about 6%, similar to that of Cambridge as of mid-January.

  1. (a)  To minimize the total number of tests performed, should the pool size be increased or decreased?
  2. (b)  Find the pool size that minimizes the number of tests performed. (Hint: First, express the number of tests in terms of the pool size; then graph this function to find the minimum.)
  3. (c)  With a sufficiently high positivity rate, it would be more efficient to opt for individual testing rather than pool testing. Find the percent positivity at which this occurs.

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