Spirit Week 2022 preview

Claire Emison and Sam Emison

Find out what our distinguished CRLS Student Government has in store for us in the upcoming year. Prepare to get festive, show your Falcon pride, and involve yourself in the CRLS community. 

Montana Monday 

For an exciting change of pace, live the cowboy life with a fashionable ensemble of a flannel shirt, cowboy boots, and a herd of bison to corral through the second floor of the Rindge building. Flex your lasso skills on the occasional prize steer or inconveniently placed students who have strayed from the herd. 

Trebuchet Tuesday

Utilize your RSTA carpentry and engineering skills to construct a barbaric medieval siege weapon. Fashion hefty projectiles out of an amalgamation of desks, chairs, and chemistry textbooks to load your trebuchet. Classes are on hold: fortify segments of the CRLS campus to defend your chosen faction. Either don a full suit of armor or assume your rightful place as a lowly foot soldier. More enterprising students may try their hand at diverting the Charles River to construct moats and waterways. 

Wide-Open Window Wednesday 

Today the classroom and the outdoors become one: show your school spirit by periodically unlatching windows. Be invigorated by the glacial December New England winds; pay no mind to any frostbitten extremities, chattering teeth, or shaking hands as you numbly continue to type on your dying Chromebook. 

Thieving Thursday 

How many additional items can you accumulate over the course of the day? Top pickpocket gets featured on the @crls.sga Instagram account; a formal appraisal determines the total monetary value of your items. 

Frankenstein Friday 

For those with a shortage of companions in their lunch block, utilize the science labs to covertly practice unethical science, and break all laws of nature to create an unsettling friend. Although this deed will have dire consequences for you, and your wife, it will raise provocative literary, philosophical, and legal debates. Prepare to have your creation incorrectly referred to by your name.

This piece also appears in our December 2021 print edition.