New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Andrea Racano


Allison Korn

Mr. Racano

Benny Ross, Contributing Writer

Mr. Andrea Racano has been teaching language, first English in his native Belgium, and then French in the US for many years. In his first at CRLS, Mr. Racano teaches French 3 and 4.


Register Forum (RF): How did you become a teacher?

Andrea Racano (AR): Mainly it was because shortly after my studies I decided to travel. I went to live for one year in Dublin. Then I was also in London for some time. At first my goal was to become a conference interpreter, which is what I studied. So when I came back to Belgium, just because it was so hard to get a job in that field, I started to teach. I needed to work, and that’s the way I became a teacher.


RF: What brought you to CRLS?

AR: The moment I arrived here in Boston back in 2017, I started living near [CRLS]. I’ve always been in the vicinity of Harvard and CRLS.  For three years I taught in Chelsea, one year in Revere, and I was always dreaming of not using my car to go to work. I’ve always thought that it’s a luxury to live closer to work. That was one of my main motivations at first: to be close to home. 


RF: What do you think is important about learning foreign languages?

AR: It’s important when you have even the tiniest desire of traveling, or working either for companies or international organizations… I’m always of the opinion that a language that you’ve learned in school is one of the few things that you will really keep for a long time. If you study French when you’re in high school, chances are that later on it’s gonna stick with you. You won’t forget everything, and it’s going to make it easier for you if you want to pursue studies in languages, travel, or improve your French.


RF: What are your hobbies? What would you do if you weren’t a teacher?

AR: If I wasn’t a teacher, I think I would like to work in nature doing I don’t know what, but my passions are really just in the countryside. I just like to hike or have walks. I have a really strong passion for nature and biology, and for animals, reptiles in particular. I’ve always loved reptiles, even more particularly tortoises and turtles. I just like the natural world. Things that I like to do if I actually start, are running and swimming. I really, really love reading.


RF: If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?

AR: I would go to Italy. I don’t care if I’ve been to Italy all my life. I couldn’t go back there this summer, I just went to Belgium. That’s where my family is, but we’re all from Italy and we have a house there. With COVID though, it’s the first time that most of my family could see my son.


RF: Are you a big foodie?

AR: Yeah. I like to eat, I like to cook. I learned how to cook because at some point I was like “Ok, you don’t live with your parents anymore.” You have to cook if you like to eat. 


RF: Is there anything else you want to say?

AR: I’m very glad to be here. The kids are cool, and it’s really a pleasure.

This piece also appears in our October 2021 print edition.