Next Month’s Headlines

Anais Killian, Contributing Writer

  1. “Freshman Girl Accidentally Asks Out Freshman Boy in Public Zoom Chat—Switches Classes”
  2. “New Record—8 Students Unmute at Once to Tell Teacher that They Aren’t Screen-Sharing”
  3. “Teacher Holds Up Cat for Class and Exclaims, ‘She’s So Cute!’”
  4. “Student in Breakout Room Unmutes”
  5. “New Study Finds That Teachers Missed Having Snow Days More Than Students”
  6. “Breaking: 99% of Seniors Asked Last Month: ‘What’s Up with the Spoon Game?’”
  7. “Teacher Gives 30 Second Screen Break During Class—Awarded Cambridge Hero”
  8. “Father Finds Out About Son’s College Acceptance Through Class of 2021 Future Plans Instagram”