Mozarella Pizza Roll Recipe


Dachenie Ganthier

The finished look of the pizza rolls.

Dachenie Ganthier, Contributing Writer

Do you want a quick, fun, creative, easy, and delicious pizza to enjoy with the people you love? This is the recipe for you! Just a few ingredients and about an hour tops to make and bake.

I present to you the mozzarella pizza roll. 

Get to cooking!



1 can Pillsbury thin pizza crust

½  cup pizza sauce

 1 cup pepperonis

8 mozzarella string cheese

1 tbsp of parsley (garnish) 


Open your can of dough and roll out evenly into a square. Then spread the pizza sauce all over your pizza dough. Next, lay out 3 pepperonis in a row making sure to leave space for closing the roll. Add the mozzarella stick cheese on top of your pepperonis. Then cut the dough into long strips and roll them. After rolling, place your pizza rolls onto a cookie sheet and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Flip halfway through so they are evenly baked. After baking, sprinkle chopped parsley on top for garnish. If you want, put your favorite sauces on the platter and serve this dish buffet style. Enjoy! Mine was devoured in seconds; trust me you won’t regret them!