CRLS Clubs to Join for Community Service Hours


Christen Lekorenos

A furnishing hope meeting pre-COVID

Eman Abdurezak and Zoe Mello Zdraveski

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and remote learning, it has proven difficult for students to find safe ways to earn community service hours. Students interested in applying for the National Honors Society are required to have a minimum of 40 community service hours, while others may just want to find ways to help the community during this time that has put so many families into difficult situations. Here are some clubs and organizations that you can join here at CRLS to help get those hours completed!


Club 4

Do you love to cook? In Club 4, students have the opportunity to prepare and distribute meals for those living in the Harvard Square Homeless Shelter. Joining Club 4 is an easy way to gain community service on your own time, and safely during the pandemic! Club 4 now offers Friday Cafe shifts where you can independently make bagged meals, and then deliver them to CRLS once a week so they can be transported to shelters in the area. Jinho Lee ’22, a member of Club 4, reflects on why he chose to become a member: “I love Club 4 because of the community that is fostered within both the volunteers and shelter guests. There’s just so much love all around and everyone truly looks out for one another. I also learned a lot about leadership at Club 4. It’s a place that cultivates people taking initiative and I think that’s amazing.”


UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund, is a global non-profit organization on a mission to ensure that every child is protected. Participating in UNICEF Club at CRLS is a great way to contribute to a worldwide cause! Past projects this year included raising money through Trick or Treat for UNICEF, an exciting way to fundraise for vulnerable children in all places.

Falcon Friends

Falcon Friends is a unique opportunity for students with disabilities and students who do not have disabilities to form bonds and make deep connections! It is an organization within CRLS that aims to spread awareness about disabilities while providing a safe space for students!

Habitat for Humanity Club

Habitat for Humanity is an international organization that raises funds to build budget-friendly homes for those in need. CRLS is a campus chapter for this exceptional non-profit, and students who participate may be able to contribute to fundraising efforts as well as the actual house building projects!

Charles River Cleanup Club

Another way to contribute to a vital part of our community while enjoying the outdoors is by joining Charles River Cleanup Club! Members of the Charles River Cleanup Club meet on a regular basis to clean up litter along the water (safely and sanitarily), to ensure that residents of Cambridge can enjoy a clean river! Coco Sequeira ’23 uses her Sunday mornings joining the other members of Charles River Cleanup Club. “It’s a fun way to meet new people, be social, and get community service hours!” 

CRLS Interact Club

The members of CRLS Interact Club aid families that are transitioning out of homelessness. Students can sign up to volunteer at Furnishing Hope, a furniture store in Harvard Square that sells low-cost pieces to families transitioning into a home. Volunteer opportunities are also available at The Spot, a clothing bank located in East Cambridge!

Sisters on the Runway

The goal of Sisters on the Runway is to raise awareness for domestic violence in a creative way. If you are interested in art or fashion design, you might be interested in participating in this fun club with a great cause. Students in Sisters on the Runway participate in pulling together a fashion show in the spring!

If you are interested in doing an act of service for your community, be sure to fill out this form!