Advice to the Class of 2018

Sophie Harrington, Contributing Writer

  • Burn as many bridges as you want this year; you can still be friends on Facebook.
  • Challenge yourselves to eat at Angelo’s every day for a month.
  • Apply to at least 35 colleges (obviously all the Ivies).
  • Come naked to school; we don’t have a dress code!
  • Show up to every sporting event just to chant “SENIORS!”

    Marilyn Attles
  • Post “Send Point” at least five times a day on your Snapchat; there won’t be any “Points” in college.
  • Plan your promposal NOW (make sure not to make it too specific because your love life may change).
  • Try to get quoted in a Register Forum article before graduation.
  • Start training for the Spoon Game (steal all the spoons from the cafeteria).

This piece also appears in our October print edition.