10 Fun Activities to Kick Off Your Fall

Dachenie Ganthier, Contributing Writer

To my surprise, it’s starting to get cold much earlier than usual. The weather is usually warmer around these times, but fall couldn’t wait, so we’ll have to say goodbye to summer and welcome the fresh smell of cider and turning leaves. Although virtual school isn’t exactly riveting, here are ten fun activities that you can and should do during the fall.

 1. Watch the sunset

Sunsets create some of the most beautiful scenery on Earth and are especially relaxing after a long day of school, work, or any additional stresses during this quarantine. I would recommend sitting and seizing the beauty of the sunset with your favorite drink in hand. If you want to enhance that experience, go on a picnic with the people you love, or even by yourself. While you do that, think about your day and what you are grateful for.

2. Take a walk

Many people love outdoor activities (or you might be like me and prefer indoor activities). Regardless, sometimes taking a walk to clear your head and admire how beautiful nature is always helps. Although the weather is getting colder, I would still recommend taking a walk outside while we can feel the cool breeze before it gets too cold for comfort.

3. Season decluttering

Many folks like to “season-out” their closet, which basically means that they put up clothes based on the season and hide the rest for the appropriate seasons. Seasonal decluttering is a great way to feel productive and organized, and it is also a great way to donate some clothing items. On The Rise is a great organization that provides resources for homeless people. It is one of many great sites to donate your clothing items and more. For more information: https://www.ontherise.org/

4. Bake

I’m sure I’m not the only one who picked up several new hobbies ever since this quarantine started. One of mine is baking, surprisingly! I have been enjoying baking lately, although I failed at making quite a few recipes; however, the ones that succeeded brought my family and I joy. Fall is known as a baking season after all, so go and bake something for yourself or a loved one!

Seasonal decluttering is a great way to feel productive and organized, and it is also a great way to donate some clothing items.

5. Learn how to make soup

Soup is a popular recipe in the fall and as someone who loves to cook, I 100% recommend it. Even if you don’t like to cook, challenge yourself and have fun! Trust me, tasting that warm broccoli cheese soup will make the labor all worth it. P.S. One of my favorite types of soup is Haitian squash* soup, a traditional soup we drink on Haitian Independence Day. Here is some more information: https://registerforum.org/11084/news/haitian-independence-day/.

6. Go to the park

You are never too old to go to the park, and you should enjoy the outdoors before the weather gets too cold. You don’t have to go to a “playground” park, either! Go to your favorite type of park, even just a field of grass, and maybe have a picnic. I would recommend the Fresh Pond Reservoir.

7. Decorate for fall (and do it yourself!)

Who doesn’t love to decorate? Start decorating your house or room, and make it as colorful and as fun as you want. You can even throw some DIYs in there. Here is a fall DIY video I recommend. It’s inexpensive, chill, and easy to do on your own. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gI7fEqon8Kg

8. Re-decorate your room to make it Zoom friendly

Since COVID-19 shut down schools, most of us have been taking classes from home, with most of us being in our bedrooms. So, how about turning your room or your desk Zoom friendly? I recommend turning a separate part of your room into a little classroom, so you are mentally in school and your bed is not a distraction. This is a great way to be more productive in your school work! 

9. Set school year resolutions! It is easy to be distracted, especially during virtual school

It is easy to be distracted, especially during virtual school, but setting yourself some goals is one of the best ways to keep from being distracted. Remind yourself of your goals every day as you wake up and open your laptop for another meeting. Setting resolutions can also be used as a motivation to get through those Zoom meetings.

10. Self care

We often spend so much time loving other people that we sometimes forget about ourselves. So, since the weather is getting colder and it’s the time to get cozy, do a spa day every once in a while! There are so many ways to self care, so there is no excuse. Research about different ways you could self care and pick your favorites.