Tips for Online Learning: How To Be Productive

Luna Valayannopoulos-Akrivou, Contributing Writer

As most classes transition online, it can be hard to keep up with work and stay focused. The urge to turn off the camera during a Zoom call and distract yourself with something else while you wait for class to end or check your phone buzzing with messages and updates can be hard to fight. Below are some tips to help you be productive during your work time so you don’t find yourself swamped with assignments right before they are due.  


Set Aside Workspaces

While it may be tempting to log onto Zoom while in bed, you will only get more distracted. Find a workplace in a separate room or a desk to work at, and try to model a working space after a school-like environment— somewhere that resembles a desk where you can sit quietly. Avoid having your phone near you to limit distractions like social media. If you find yourself procrastinating, try moving to a different room in order to separate your studying from other activities you may feel tempted by.     


Take Deserved Breaks

Although it is important to find a rhythm in order to stay focused, do not forget to take breaks in between your classes and assignments. Go get a breath of fresh air outside, a snack, something to drink, or even feel free to check your phone. Keep in mind that these breaks should be relatively short (10-15 minutes is a good amount of time) so that you can remain productive without overtiring yourself. 


Dress for Success 

While rolling out of bed and attending classes in pajamas might sound appealing, it is important for you to get dressed in order to signal to yourself that you are getting ready for the day. To start off a productive day, start by wearing clothes you would usually wear at school. This helps create a work-like environment at home and encourages you to get your work done. 


Follow School Hours and a Similar Schedule 

Following school hours not only implements a structured schedule to your day but also forces you to dedicate a certain amount of time to your classes. This helps you get your work done within a set timeline and stay organized. You should dedicate the same amount of time to each of your classes during the day. Focus on one class at a time, and try to divide the work equally throughout the week.   


Hopefully, you can use some of these tips to your own advantage to stay productive and on top of things, both now and in the future. Just remember to wash your hands, stay healthy, and stay inside.