Athlete of the Month: Nellie Baxandall


Photo Courtesy of Penn Loh

Senior Nellie Baxandall was a captain of the girls varsity soccer team this season.

Charlie Reed, Around School Editor

Nellie Baxandall was a captain of the CRLS girls varsity soccer team and played as a center back.

Register Forum: What does it mean to be a CRLS athlete to you?

Nellie Baxandall: A CRLS athlete to me means being a part of a team that’s bigger than myself, and working hard together towards the goal of having fun and having grit. 


RF: Being a defender, how do you see the lay of the field? How do you lead your team from the backline?

NB: As a center defender, I have the best view of what’s happening on the field out of any of the field players, so I can call out what the team as a whole and what players individually should be doing. 


RF: How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally for games?

NB: Physically it’s important to start hydrating the day before and on the day of the game. It’s also important to eat breakfast and a good lunch. Sadly, it’s not a good idea to eat tons of junk food the day of a game ’cause you could get sick and throw up, which I’ve done a few times. Mental preparation is equally important before a game. Especially at the beginning of the season, I would get super anxious and I needed to relax. As the captain, it’s a lot of pressure, so I would just tell myself that at the end of the day that it’s just a game and all I can do is try my hardest.


RF: Are you hopeful for next year’s team? If so, how?

NB: I’m very hopeful for next year’s team. We improved every day and I know that will continue. A lot of the work this year was put into trying to change the mindset from past years. This year our team really bonded and there are so many great juniors and underclassmen who I know will step up and improve our team even more. 

RF: Do you plan to continue to play soccer after CRLS?

NB: Soccer has been such a big part of my experience at CRLS that I can’t imagine just stopping when I go to college. I will definitely try to play in college or on an intramural team. 


RF: What are some tips you have for those who are planning to try out for the soccer team in the future?

NB: The best thing to do if you’re planning on trying out in the future is to get in shape in the summer. Coach Meg is really looking for players who can go for the full 80 minutes and that’s only possible if you are in shape. My best advice is to just try to have fun at tryouts. They’re meant to be a time to show off your skills, and you won’t be playing your best if you’re super stressed out.

This piece also appears in our November 2019 print edition.