Lucy Messineo-Witt

Volume VII

Welcome to the 7th Volume of the CRLS Literary Magazine, The Bridge!


As the final edition of the 2018/2019 school year, and our final edition as Editors, we’re proud of the work our group has put into producing and sharing the literary and artistic work of CRLS. Our hope is that since going online and producing two editions per year rather than one, The Bridge will become a more institutionalized, accessible medium for the Rindge community. We are confident that next year’s editors, Caitlyn Green ’20 and Ana Sokolovska ’20, will continue this tradition through the 8th and 9th volumes, and into the future. The Bridge has been a highlight of our time at CRLS, and we’re excited to see where it is headed.


– Cecilia Barron ’19 & Marly Ciccolo ’19


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Doing Nothing Flash Experiment

Party of One

It gets dark I feel dumb; got a million bad habits: Not sleeping, biting my tongue Dancing in this world alone   My fake friends complain about studying I study the floor Internet raised us- we’re alone My best friend, we’re alone Know we’re not everlasting   So gladly, one day when people are talking Raise a glass, get still Get rough, make a ...

1 and 2 Poems

I. Saturday is a 30 pound blanket That chased you around on Friday afternoon until you fell and got all wrapped up She’s a possessive control freak you fall in love with Black eyes A violin prodigy The expensive sustainably made sweaters Make you so jealous! You understand yourself To be the devil herself, Because Saturday would have it no other way   ...

Mosquito Poem

Foggy Dystopia

In a historical world We have theatrical ways - Every individual seems to have A role, dictated by past stereotypes... One is cast quite randomly - You don’t get to choose between poor or wealthy - All you can do is try to stomach What card you’ve been dealt, at least in public. So I wonder when people comfort me How much of it is insincerity And how much of it is ...

Act of Courage

This is a journal from an assignment in CRLS’ Immersion Journalism class. Gracie’s entire blog can be viewed here. I pledge to read a creative writing assignment in front of my class as well as my boyfriend. My hands grew clammy. My knee began bouncing beneath my desk. My skin grew hot. My heartbeat grew faster. My vision became blurry. I didn’t know when I was going to get up, but copies ...

You Time-Bent Creature of Mine

What They Never Tell You

Growing up in a happy home with smiling faces, your world was syrupy and sweet. Time felt like thick jelly, and each second felt infinite. The innocence and carelessness that offered a certain ignorance blurred the lines between melancholy and being alright. Those were the days of coloring books and learning the alphabet; the days in which you only valued things of the utmost importance, like your ...

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