CRLS Seniors Respond: What Will You Remember About Your Spring Sports Team and What Will You Miss the Most?

Paloma Pellegrino ’20 – Softball

What I’ll miss most about the season is just getting to play and practice with my teammates one last time. Some of the memories of the past four years are: definitely last year beating Concord-Carlisle, getting ice cream as a team, and the bus rides.

Danny Klein ’20 – Track

One thing I will always remember about our distance team is how much we run as a team even though it is an individual sport, and stick together through the snow and the rain and the long winter. The spring season is a really great time when all of the hard work we put in all year through the tough winter really pays off and we get to have our best performances and the best weather. Really great team...

Harrison Brown ’20 – Baseball

One thing I will always remember from the CRLS baseball team are the great bonds created on and off the field.

Maya Steinberg ’20 – Girls Lacrosse

One thing I’m really missing about our lacrosse season this year is being able to spend time with my teammates on and off the field. We were planning on making it far into the playoffs so it's hard to think about what the season could have been.

Connor Purcell ’20 – Boys Lacrosse

Every day during the spring season I would look forward to lacrosse practice. It didn’t matter if I had a good day or a bad day, as soon as I get on the field with the coaches and the teammates that I love, I can just focus on playing lacrosse and the stress goes out the window.

Zev Dickstein ’20 – Boys Tennis

I will miss the camaraderie and team spirit and watching everyone’s tennis game improve.

Cam Poklop ’20 – Boys Lacrosse

The reason the spring season meant the most to me is because it really gave all of us the chance to end the school year on a good note with a sense of family from the team. That’s something I am really going to miss this spring.

Ben Attles ’20 – Boys Volleyball

What I’ll miss most about the season is the leadership role I might’ve had and the community with my teammates. We had a lot of love for each other and we also had a lot of support within each other. Now it’s all just a dream and all we can do is talk about it instead of living it.

Amelia Bronfman ’20 – Girls Tennis

The thing I will miss most about not having a season is the chance to play with so many new people and just interact with them both socially and through tennis.

Jasper Sieniewicz ’20 – Sailing

“I think the whole team was looking forward to the spring season. Sailing is unique because we have both a fall and spring season and we had a lot of promise shown in the fall. It was too bad that we were not able to compete in more seriously competitive regattas, but I am hopeful for my teammates in the coming seasons.” 

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