We Fall in Love

to feel safe in someone else’s heart other than our own we fall in love.


because after all of the seconds,

the minutes



the months

for some of us

even the first glance

that love, that person

whom we now devote our 

seemingly everlasting desires of affection and acknowledgment to 

has proven to us that they can bear us

in their mind

and body


they can bear us as not just another being in their circle of moral obligation

but as another soul that they see as their own

that they see in their self

and because their self worth

their self confidence

their self actualization

was at a peak high enough for them to take us on 

and take us in 


and when they saw that any road to a home we had ever known had burned down

they opened their arms

and let us into their own

a home as broken and barren as they may have seen it,

but as beautifully built as we needed


we fall in love

to bring safety to someone else’s heart when they can’t bring safety to their own.

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