Ana Sokolovska

Volume VIII

Welcome to the 8th Volume of the CRLS Literary Magazine, The Bridge!

This year we’ve successfully expanded our reach to the poetry club, the playwriting class, and creative writing classes. It has been a fantastic way to round out the first part of the year. As this is the second year The Bridge has been online, our submission pool has expanded and with that comes a richness of experience. You will find a variety of media, a variety of subject matter, and a variety of talented young voices. We are honored to showcase the work of CRLS students and hope to get increasingly better at it in following volumes.



Katie Green ’20 and Ana Sokolovska ’20 Co-Editors

Hannah Chun ’23, Laila Clarke ’22, Ella Simonsen ’20 Staff

Jennifer Sarmiento Faculty Advisor


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We Fall in Love

to feel safe in someone else's heart other than our own we fall in love.

The Other Side of the Wall

Are there trees beyond this wall? Brighter suns? Sweltering through shade, I am left alone Tall grass sees past bleak stone bricks, but I don’t



Walking in baggy clothes So that your figure is hidden  Under miles of fabric


Lights up. In the back of MARSHALL’s beaten up pick up truck. What once used to be a red Ford, now looks almost dusty silver by the amount of mud streaks and scratches. Two sleeping bags are in the back of the trunk—one is longer and green, a sketch book lies next to it. The other is light blue and an old camera rests on top at the foot of the bag with a roll of film next to it. ART and MARSHALL are lying down on their respective sleeping bags staring at the star filled sky and determining different constellations.

When the Sky Falls We Shall Catch Larks

My Greatest Hits

Surprise! I’ve Decided, I’m Human After All. I Am a Trouble Man And I'm ready for Midnight love, so


When it’s dark, and if this was the country there’d be fireflies, I think of the roses outside of my grandma’s house and your bright blue shoes,

Finsta Caption Extraveganza

Earth (An Ode to my Opposite)

Earth. you’re calm and collected strong but neglected you’re putting up a fight i know you’re going through it all but it would never be known by the looks of your face that face so beautiful and classic


(Put me in parentheses So that no one will read me today.) (Put me between curved bars far away. I am safer in parentheses.)

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