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New England Storm Preparations Begin to Form

Isabelle Agee-Jacobson, Contributing Writer

September 28, 2017

A little over three weeks ago, the historically disastrous storm known as Hurricane Harvey devastated much of eastern Texas and Louisiana. This unprecedented storm resulted in the deaths of 39 people, turned streets into rivers, and demolished the region in such a way that the recovery effort will last several years. Shocked by this disaster, many coastal cities around the co...

Pictured: The intersection of Mt. Auburn and Fresh Pond Parkway.

City Strives to Improve Mt. Auburn Street Intersection

September 28, 2017

At most times of the day, Mount Auburn Street is a relatively free-flowing, quick street to travel on. However, it has a gigantic point of bottleneck wh...

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Dua

Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Dua

September 28, 2017

Mr. Kevin Dua is a new psychology and history teacher at Rindge this year. Dua won Massachusetts Teacher of the Year and has just been nominated nation...

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh encouraged counter-protesters to stay home.

Thousands Rally in Boston

September 28, 2017

On Saturday, August 12th, white supremacists rallied in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protest the city’s plan to dismantle Confederate monuments. Ci...

Yoga Club, New Yoga Class Helps Students De-Stress

Honor O'Shaughnessy, Contributing Writer

September 28, 2017

Each year, new classes arrive at CRLS. This year, for the first time ever, a yoga and stress management class is being offered for students to take for Physical Education credit. This class claims to help students in grades ten to twelve create self-awareness and a positive self image, practice mindfulness, and to de-stress. In addition to having three blocks offered during...

Last year's festival production was

CRLS Adds Play Creation Class

September 28, 2017

The CRLS community can look forward to an original play written, produced, and performed by the students of HN Play Creation. This newly offered class...

Pictured: Ms. Bates and Mr. Davis co-teaching a “leveled up” English class.

CRLS Hopes to Promote Equity, “Levels Up” English 9

September 27, 2017

Starting this semester, all CRLS ninth grade English classes will be taught at the Honors (HN) level. The CRLS administration is implementing this “level...

Pictured: The protected bike lane on Cambridge Street.

New Bike Lanes on Cambridge Street Spur Mixed Reactions

September 27, 2017

Last fall, bicyclists all over Cambridge began expressing their concerns over bike safety after an accident near Porter Square left a cyclist fatally injur...

The Extension Program is located at 359 Broadway.

A New Year of the High School Extension Program

September 27, 2017

Ryan Souliotis is the new principal of the High School Extension Program, located at 359 Broadway. As the school year began, the Register Forum talked to Mr. ...

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