A Recap of the Superbowl


Keith Allison

This year marked the Patriots' Super Bowl title since the turn of the millenium.

Lucas Tedesco, Contributing Writer

The Patriots took the field Sunday night in front of the eyes of the whole nation. A whole nation rooting against them. They had overcome a fairly disappointing season by their standards with a mediocre 11-5 record which did not resemble the dominant Super Bowl teams from years past. The team was called weak and untalented. Ageless icon and franchise cornerstone Tom Brady looked off, and his game did not look as acute and onpoint as in years prior.

The team kicked off the year with a stellar win over the young and upcoming Houston Texans led by young stud Deshaun Watson and it looked like the beginning of another solid season with an easy ride to the superbowl. But in the following weeks, the team lost against below average teams and walked into Week Four with a losing record for the first time in a long time. Concerns were brought up about Brady’s decline and the end of a dynasty.

Younger teams who had piled up high draft picks over previous seasons began to lead the way. Teams with faster, younger and more explosive players looked miles ahead of the Patriots. The Chiefs looked like the class of the AFC with second-year star Patrick Mahomes taking the league by storm, while, in the NFC, the Rams seemed unbeatable with the best defender in the NFL, Aaron Donald, and former first overall pick Jared Goff.

Still, New England fans did not lose faith in the team which had lead them to fame and parise over the past decade in a half. As the season progressed, the team began to round into shape. Sony Michel looked more and more like a brilliant decision, another under the radar snag by football genius Bill Belichick. Mid-season pick-up Josh Gordon showed flashes of the man who led the NFL in receiving yards just five seasons ago. Devastation occurred when Gordon left the field to take care of his mental state and take some time for his own. The Patriots entered Week One of the playoffs with a beat-up team, questionable defense, and an unreliable Rob Gronkowski recovering from an injury. The only hope was our savior, our god, the undisputed greatest of all time. Tom Brady.

The team bulldozed the Chargers in the first round with a 28-point first quarter and a dominant defensive performance. The real surprise came just one week later at the snow-covered Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, when Tom Brady lead a fourth quarter charge, knocking off the MVP of the league. Any sense of disappointment and doubt dissolved. The “baddest m******f****r on the planet” was back and better than ever to add yet another ring to his collection.

The team marched into Atlanta with the slight edge, however; dethroning one of the brightest young stars, Jared Goff, and lightning-fast running back Todd Gurley was gonna be quite the task, especially with monster defensive tackle Aaron Donald ready to pounce.

The first quarter kicked off with Julian Edelman leading the way snagging the ball left and right leading to a quick score. The defense was lockdown, plowing through the Rams offensive line and making the sharpshooter Goff look like a high school quarterback. Linebackers Kyle Van Noy and Dont’a Hightower playing at the top of their game looked like a devastating combo.

After knocking the wind out of the Rams in the first half, Belichick knew he would have to adjust on the fly. Late in the third quarter, the Rams tied up the score with a quick field goal and the game went into the fourth without a single play in the red zone.

But with about eight minutes left in the fourth, a downfield charge was led by Brady and goal Sony Michel charged into the end zone, putting the Pats back on top, 10-3. The biggest and most important play of the game came about three minutes later.

The Rams were in field goal range and threatening to score. As Jared Goff floated a pass up to Brandin Cooks, flashy cornerback Stephon Gilmore jumped and snatched it right out of his hands putting a stamp on the drive. In the next few minutes they sealed the victory with a field goal, putting their stamp on their sixth title since the turn of the millenium.

In the end, experience overcame all and the Patriots came through. Two days later, millions of fans paraded through the streets as fan favorites held up the trophy on duckboats. “It was definitely worth missing school for,” said junior Kate Weller. Lets see what next year has in store for us.